Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Dos, Part II! Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Sexy Star, Mil Muertes, Catrina, King Cuerno, Mariposa, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Killshot & One NEW Luchador! Plus Many More!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Brother brother brother brother BROTHER.

It’s Ultima Lucha Dos: Part II, Believers! Can you believe it? (See what I did there? See what happens when Kate gets excited about lucha?) TWO of our scheduled matches are the Gift of the Gods Elimination Match, and our DEATH REMATCH featuring the Hunter, King Cuerno vs. The Man of 1001 Deaths, Mil Muertes! Our Gift of the Gods Elimination Match will determine who will walk away from the Temple as the new Gift of the Gods Champion – who will it be? Sexy Star, Daga, El Sinestro de la Muerte, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, his sister Mariposa, Killshot, or, our new luchador about to make his in-ring debut, Night Claw? Find out TONIGHT!


And who will walk away ALIVE from the Death Match? What exactly IS a Death Match?! Whatever it is, it’s right up Dario Cueto’s alley – and a flurry of violence sure to come.

Check out last week’s full preview of Ultima Lucha Dos here, which also contains the live coverage for last’s week’s installment, Ultima Lucha Dos: Part I! Lots of good stuff – plus the debut of one of Mexico’s legends, Dr. Wagner, Jr.!

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!

Check out what Catrina and Mil have to say before tonight’s match with King Cuerno!

It’s 8!

We get a recap of the events leading up to tonight’s card – Night Claw’s meeting with Dario Cueto, and the gifting the Ancient Azteca Medallion; Mil’s revenge on King Cuerno, and Catrina demanding the Death Match from Dario.

We’re now in the lively Temple! Luchadores jam out in the balcony! The fans are crazy! Take a shot every time Vampiro says”Brother.” 🙂 Melissa Santos kicks off the…

Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: Daga vs. El Sinestro de la Muerte vs. Mariposa vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Sexy Star (HER OUTFIT IS EVERYTHING!!!) vs. Killshot vs. Night Claw!

Night Claw inserts his Medallion in the title before getting in the ring! Let’s lucha!

The Moth and Killshot are out! Killshot beats him up! Sexy Star brings down Mariposa! Daga delivers equality on Sexy. Kobra Moon watches him eagerly!

Daga brings down Muerte and Night Claw! Daga goes down!

Killshot runs into the balcony, thanks to Moth. Muerte and Night Claw have a unique pinning predicament. Daga takes advantage.  Killshot runs Moth into the balcony wall. Sexy is also the only luchadora to compete in all three Elimination matches this year! Moth and Killshot continue.

Muerte and Claw still go to work.

Daga crawls along the edge of the ring. Muerte gives some to Claw!

Ew, Moth.

Claw stops Muerte. Sexy and Mariposa brawl outside of the ring. Daga delivers one out of nowhere! Kobra is pleased, still.

Moth is down! Sunset flip by Claw after Daga attempts to school him. Claw’s got moves on Muerte! Pin!

El Sinestro de la Muerte has been eliminated!

This match continues after this break!

We’re back!

Daga and Claw go to work! Dodging! Daga FLIES over the ropes onto Claw outside of the ring! The fans cheer as Kobra Moon looks on!

Sexy and Mariposa are in the ring! Mariposa flies onto Daga, and the Sexiest of Stars flies from the heavens onto her!


Everyone is down outside of the ring – save for The Moth! THERE HE GOES! He lands onto Daga!

He drags Daga back into the ring. Mariposa works on Sexy in front of the announce table. Moth and Daga work on each other. Daga is down. Rolling armbar submission by Daga! Tap out?! No, the Moth is too strong! He picks up Daga!

He runs him into the turnbuckles! Drink for the “brother” from Vampiro! Daga sends in Moth. DDT, roll-through, Daga chokes Moth! Night Claw breaks it up, out of nowhere!

Moth is out! Night Claw picks up Daga, but Daga escapes. Suplex, Night Claw lands on his feet. Daga is cornered but he looks good. He climbs the turnbuckles. He tries to get his balance as Moon watches. Claw sends down Daga! Claw climbs the turnbuckles! He lands on his face! Pin!

Daga has been eliminated!

Kobra sighs in the balcony. Same, girl, same.

Killshot and Claw work on each other! Moth drags Sexy by her hair. Mariposa strikes her repeatedly. Killshot sends Moth into the steps.

Claw is perched on top of Dario’s Office! He leaps from the top ONTO THE OTHER LUCHADORES! The Believers chant “holy shit,” confirming their respect for the new panther.

Killshot and Marty fight in the ring! Killshot kicks Moth while he’s cornered!

Killshot gutshots Claw off the apron! He has Mariposa now! He slams her on the apron! Killshot is on a roll and sends DOWN the Moth after leaping from the ropes! Someone check Mariposa’s pulse!

Night Claw is back in the ring! Claw spins around into the arm drag on Killshot!

Killshot is cornered but slaps Claw! They’re both on the turnbuckles! Killshot is sent away!

Claw kicks and moonsaults! Pin! Kick out by Killshot!

The fans cheer for Killshot. Claw climbs the turnbuckles, leaps, rolls in, misses. Electric chair by Killshot, piledriver by Killshot! Pin!

Night Claw has been eliminated!

Now, Sexy eyes the Moth siblings. She and Killshot work together on them!

Mariposa gets a little more than what she asked for from Sexy!

Sexy sends in Marty after Killshot sends her in. Marty approaches Melissa from outside of the ring! She rejects him, ha. Killshot and Mariposa! They change positions and counter!

She goes for the powerbomb but he escapes! Meanwhile, Marty works on Sexy before getting back in the ring. Curb stomp by him on Killshot.

Mariposa’s Butterfly Effect on Killshot! 1-8-7 leads to 1-2-3!

Killshot has been eliminated!

Sexy Star now has a huge hill to climb… After this commercial break! Damn.

We’re back! Mariposa and her brother beat on Sexy has she’s cornered! She has a chance at revenge after being tormented by them all year. Vampiro and Striker discuss the meaning behind Sexy’s mask, mainly the concept of rebirth… As she counters their 2-on-1 efforts!

She sends down the Moth! Armbar submission by Moth! GO SEXY!

Mariposa breaks it up! Booing from the crowd. She corners Sexy again. She’s on the turnbuckles, and crossbody block by Sexy! Mariposa holds her down as he punches Sexy… She gets out of the way! He punches his sister! Dropkick by Sexy on Moth! She pins Mariposa!

Mariposa has been eliminated!

Sexy looks on Moth with death in her eyes.

“Kill The Moth! Kill The Moth” brings down the Temple! Chop after chop by Sexy on the Moth!

Tarantula submission by Sexy! LEGENDARY!

But he’s too strong! Side slam by the Moth! He picks her up by her hair. He strikes her in the face! Pin! She kicks out!

He grasps her neck and taunts her. But…

Armbreaker submission by Sexy Star! IS HE GONNA QUIT?

He reaches for the ropes as he screams in despair! HE TAPS OUT!!!

Winner and your new Gift of the Gods Champion: SEXY STAR!

She holds the belt with pride! She gets a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, as well! Congrats Sexy Star!

We’ll be back after this break!

We’re back! Mr. Cisco is interrogated by Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro! What if Dario Cueto finds out about ratting him to the feds? Well, he won’t. He’ll be cleared of all charges… “You’ve got this,” says Joey.

We’re back in the Temple! Melissa announces the…

DEATH MATCH: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes!

This match will start after the break!

We’re back! Get psyched! This is the second Death Match in LU history, folks. So let’s lucha!

Headlock! They brawl!

Cuerno is DOWN! Mil beats him down! He’s back up – but not for long! Dropkick by Cuerno! Cuerno is down again! Cheering for Muertes! He muscles Cuerno into the corner. Catrina has her stones and looks on. Mil goes over the ropes, Cuerno sends him down twice. Arrow From the Depths of Hell by Cuerno! Mil lands on the seats!

Mil has Cuerno on his shoulders! Mil’s best weapon is, apparently, a girl who holds a rock. Cuerno is down! Mil parts the Dead Sea has fans get out of the way!

Cuerno is sent into the seats and Mil beats him with a couple. He’s sent further and further into the audience!

Mil has a close hold on Cuerno and drags him through the audience even more! Cuerno throws him over the balcony gate!

Cuerno stands in the balcony and leaps onto Mil! Fans are insane!

Mil is in the balcony now! He gets a stool! He’s with the band now and has the mic! A troubled Believer watches in fear.

Mil uses Cuerno’s body to beat on the band!


Cuerno crawls as a ref comes to his aid. Mil assaults the camera! He gets a table from under the ring. Ask and ye shall receive, Believers. He gets a rusty ladder, too. He throws it at the struggling Cuerno. Mil leans it on the balcony gates. He gets the balcony steps!!! Mil is down! Cuerno shoves Catrina out of the way!

He gets a trash can and beats Mil with it!

He has a face-off with Catrina. Recall he killed her, too. He puts Mil back in the ring. Mil strikes Cuerno. He tosses Cuerno across the ring! An evil laugh from a Believer echoes through the Temple. Vampiro chuckles and says, “I love death.” What the heck am I watching…

Cuerno sends Mil up and over from the turnbuckles! Cuerno is on the move! Over the top rope! Strike by Cuerno! Cuerno is bleeding from his neck and head. Mil drags Cuerno up the balcony steps! Stairway to Heaven, or Stairway to Hell? Cuerno shoves Mil and his head goes THROUGH THE GLASS WINDOWS!

Mil does the same to CUERNO! Cuerno tumbles all the way down the concrete steps! The Death that is Mil Muertes slowly drifts down the Temple onto the struggling hunter that is King Cuerno!

Mil picks up Cuerno, but Cuerno reverses.

And again! DDT! What does Cuerno have left? Cuerno gets a table from the ring. Cuerno suffocates Mil after setting up the table.

He’s running on fumes as he crawls back into the ring. Mil is back in the ring. Cuerno is down, in the center. They brawl! Both tumble on the floor, but Cuerno lands on his feet. Mil sends Cuerno into the ladder – eh, tries to. Cuerno slides. Mil goes into the ladder instead!

Cuerno sets up another table, leaning it against the balcony gates. He grabs Catrina by her neck and taunts her – before Mil spears Cuerno into the leaning table! “Holy shit, holy shit!”

Mil goes for the powerbomb through the other table!

Catrina follows as Mil does it again, through another! AND AGAIN! “Lucha, lucha, lucha!” Mil has a crowbar! Catrina smirks at it.

Mil climbs the turnbuckles! Cuerno is DOWN!

Did he bend his shoulder?! PILEDRIVER! PIN!

Winner: Mil Muertes!

The Lick of Death by Catrina! His soul is sweet in her mouth.

The medics come in the ring as funeral music plays.

Striker discusses next week’s match with Pentagon, Jr. and Matanza. He asks Vampiro how he’s feeling about it. Vampiro dumps his pills into a wastebasket!

He leaves the Temple.

Striker leaves the Believers to follow him.

In Dario’s office, his lackey checks up on him. If he needs anything. No, he doesn’t. So get out. But they used to be boys. Friends. He used to be a loyal soldier. Ryan and Cortez listen through his wire. Dario notices that he’s nervous. He outright asks if he’s wearing a wire. Uh oh. Dario speaks to Ryan and Cortez briefly through it, then cuts them off. What do they want him for? Murder? Well, no – but they do now.

Dario puts his bloody bull paperweight back on the desk. He makes a call – it’s time.

What did you think, Believers?! Sound off below! Also, bring taxidermy for Cuerno’s funeral in place of flowers…

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