TNA Taping Results for One Night Only: Xtravaganza, Impact for July 21, 2016’s Thursday Debut [Spoilers]


TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza

The six outside competitors for ONO appear in the ring for an introduction: JT Dunn, Shynron, David Starr, Marshe Rockett, Caleb Konley, Jonathan Gresham and Chuck Taylor.

-Chuck Taylor defeated Rockstar Spud.

-DJ Z defeated Jonathan Gresham.

Impact Wrestling:

-Matt Hardy defeated James Storm in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match.

-EC3 defeated Eli Drake in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match. Before this match, EC3 and Drew Galloway had a promo exchange.

-Drew Galloway defeated Bram in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match.

-Maria addresses the Knockouts in a State of the Knockouts Address. She talks down to the other Knockouts. Gail Kim wants to know when she gets her match against Maria. Maria tells Gail that she will have to face all of the Knockouts and if she loses, she won’t get another title match again. Maria tells the Knockouts that whoever takes out Gail will be rewarded. Madison Rayne ends up laying out Gail saying they need to look out for themselves.

-Mike Bennett defeated Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match. Jeff was still selling a shoulder injury. After the match, Matt and Reby taunted Jeff by calling him obsolete.

-Bobby Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards in Six Sides of Steel to become both World and X Division Champion. After the match, chaos broke out as the BFG Playoff final four competitors, Moose and others brawled inside the ring.

-Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne.

-Decay defeated The Bromans in a Monster’s Ball Match.

-EC3 defeated Matt Hardy in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match to advance to the finals. Matt wanted Jeff to interfere during the match but Jeff refused.

-Moose defeated David Starr.

-There was a Fact of Life segment where Eli Drake had James Storm on as his guest. Eli Drake challenged James Storm to a match where if he lost, he could no longer drink beer. Storm accepted.

-Mike Bennett defeated Drew Galloway in a Bound for Glory Playoff Match when EC3 accidentally hit Galloway with a kendo stick. EC3 came out to fend off interference from Moose.

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