10 Thoughts on NXT – Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura

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1. It’s NXT time and we kick off with a recap of the build up to Balor vs Nakamura, which is our main event tonight!

2. As Graves and Phillips discuss the dream match main event, Samoa Joe’s music hits and he makes his way to to ring with a mic in his hand. He is looking forward to seeing the match, but calls himself the Emperor of Strong Style, and says people have to get past him to get to the top, which brings out Rhyno.

3. Rhyno also has a mic, and he challenges Joe to a match, but Joe walks away and promises to beat up Rhyno at another time.  I am excited about Finn vs Shinsuke, but I really hope the rest of the episode isn’t just talking.

4. And we return from the break with HHH taking about the match, followed by Tye Dillinger, Neville and American Alpha.  Then we get another video package, which is nice but nothing we haven’t seen two or three times before.

5. Oh, okay. This is going to be one of those single match NXTs. I cannot complain about that. Finn Balor is out first, and he isn’t wearing the demon makeup, which cuts down his entrance time by half. Still long, though.

6. Shinsuke Nakamura makes his entrance to a huge rockstar welcome from the Full Sail crowd, and I like the fact that big guy in the second row wore a tie for the occasion.

7. The match starts out with a slow feeling out process, with Balor keeping Nakamura contained with head locks. Before too long the pace picks up, with control shifting back and forth.

8. Nakamura hits a couple of vicious knee strikes on the outside as we go to break, but when we return Balor takes control with a drop kick to the knee.  Great psychology as Finn tries to take out Nak’s legs and much of his strike offense, but the King of Strong Style doesn’t go down easy.

9. There is a genuine feeling that either man could win at any time, with each kicking out of the others finisher. After almost half an hour of amazing action, Nakamura hits the Kinchasa for the pin and the three count.

10. After the match the crowd chant ‘Thank you Finn’ and they embrace in the ring. Five star match and possible match of the year.

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