Jim Ross Blog: Brock Lesnar Drug Situation, Comparison to Jon Jones, Whether WWE Wellness Policy is a “Joke”


Jim Ross had a new blog this weekend, here are some highlights:

on Brock Lesnar Drug Situation
Obviously the big story of the weekend is the apparent drug test failure by Brock Lesnar for performance enhancing drugs prior to his UFC 200 winning effort against Mark Hunt. The details of this matter have yet to be released which makes it hard for one to determine what occurred and what will be the penally be as will as administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) when they meet soon to discuss this matter.

on Comparison to Jon Jones
I expressed myself firmly regarding the Jon Jones test failure only after the facts came out that he was indeed in violation of the drug policy adhered to by UFC fighters via USADA. Some have taken the usual cowardly, social media/keyboard warrior route of calling me out on this matter but until the facts ae made public why should I KO myself with immature, knee jerk behavior? If Lesnar is guilty, I will express myself accordingly but that doesn’t mean that I will not still be a supporter of Brock’s.

on WWE reaction
I have no idea how WWE is going to react to this matter. I don’t know if Lesnar will continue with WWE in a business as usual manner including wrestling Randy Orton or another at Summer Slam. This is an unprecedented issue that treads on uncharted waters.

on Whether WWE Wellness Policy is a “Joke”
Plus, I do not feel that the WWE Wellness Policy is a “joke” as some are proclaiming. WWE has the best testing program in the genre by far but they also seem to receive the most grief from “concerned fans” who rarely critique other promotions who do little, shall we say nothing, to enhance their talent’s well being.

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