Paul Heyman on UFC 200, Brock Lesnar, Pitfalls for WWE To Avoid in Draft. “Vince McMahon’s left hand competes with Vince McMahon’s right hand”




In an interview with The Tag Rope, Paul Heyman spoke about Brock Lesnar’s performance at UFC 200, the upcoming WWE Draft and more. Here are highlights:

On UFC 200: UFC 200 was history making, and it just proved once again that Brock Lesnar is the Beast of the Brocktagon.”

On Brock’s pay and if he’s the smartest athlete: “Brock Lesnar is the smartest athlete on the planet, and I would suggest that the media has absolutely no clue what Brock Lesnar made for that fight.”

On what pitfalls WWE should avoid for the new version of the Draft: “That’s such a negative attitude, though. Why not ask me about all the things that could happen that would benefit WWE, especially to the viewing audience instead of asking me what pitfalls that they have to avoid so that it becomes a calamity.”

On if Vince McMahon wants competition between RAW and Smackdown: “I know Vince McMahon wants real competition between the two brands like he had in 2002 because Vince McMahon thrives on the very notion of competition in his life. Vince McMahon’s left hand competes with Vince McMahon’s right hand.”

On who he would choose to build a new promotion around: “Brock Lesnar, and I’ll give you the other four. Because my Beast, my Conqueror will wipe them all out. I don’t need five, I just need one. And that one is Brock Lesnar.”

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