10 Thoughts on CWC Episode 1 – Gran Metalik, Kota Ibushi, Cedric Alexander


1. It’s the kickoff episode of the Cruiserweight Classic, and we start out with a video package of some of the best WWE cruiserweights in history, all narrated by HHH, the man who immediately comes to mind when you mention the word Cruiserweight.

2. Our commentators for the CWC are Mauro  Ranallo and Daniel Bryan, now GM of a show with no cruiserweights! Well played, WWE.

3. Our first match of the tournament is Gran Metalik from Mexico vs Alejandro Saez from Chile. While there was little doubt who was going to win this one, Saez put on a good performance including a sweet shooting star press off the apron. Gran Metalik has some nice Lucha moves, but maybe needs to get a tighter mask as he almost lost it during the pin sequence.

4. Our second match of the night is Hoho Lun from Hong Kong vs Ariya Daivari from Iran. Ariya is the little brother of Sean Daivari, who got screwed over by WWE in the whole Muhammed Hussan fiasco.

5. Slower paced match with Daivari playing the old school heel and Lun the plucky undersized babyface. While Daivari pretty much carries the match, Lun has the crowd behind him and picks up the win with a bridging German suplex. I’d be surprised if he makes it through the second round.

6. No mucking about as we move on to our third match of the night as Frenchman Clement Petiot takes on crowd favorite (read American) Cedric Alexander. Solid match with Periot hitting some hard strikes and chain wrestling, while Alexander counters with some high flying and a nasty-looking lumbar check for the win. Alexander definitely has potential, both in the CWC and NXT.

7. Our main event tonight is Japanese legend Kota Ibushi vs Sean Maluta, who seems to be related to every Samoan wrestler ever.

8. Somewhat surprisingly, Maluta manages to hold his own against the Golden Star, who demonstrates that Shinsuke Nakamura isn’t the only one who knows a bit of strong style.  Ibushi kicks the crap out of Maluta and sells like a champion, which seems to be a common trait amongst Japanese wrestlers. Baron Corbin, are you paying attention?

9. Bryan and Ranallo make a good commentary team, with Daniel seeming to particularly enjoy himself as Ibushi saved Maluta from breaking his neck on a botched flip dive to the outside. Eventually Ibushi picks up the win after a huge Pele kick to Maluta on the top rope, moonsault to the outside and awesome last ride powerbomb.

10. Really good start to the CWC, with some solid in ring action and Gran Metalik and Ibushi emerging as early favorites.

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