Jim Ross Blog: One WWE World Champion, Mick Foley/Daniel Bryan, CTE Lawsuit


Jim Ross had a new blog here are some highlights

on one ‘World Champion’
I originally preferred that WWE have only one ‘World Champion’ but that seems unfeasible if they want both brands to be able to stand on their own merits. I do think tht this brand extension/separation wil provide many talents with new minutes of TV time that they can maximize and hopefully use to ‘get over’ and lead the company into the future while finding themselves in prime positions for some time to come.

on Mick Foley/Daniel Bryan
Happy to se Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan getting back on weekly, WWE TV in their new roles of GM’s of RAW and Smackdown respectively. Two, good men who should make any show that they are on better. I like this booking by WWE. It creates two new roles for two established and talented personalities.

on CTE Lawsuit
The latest CTE law suit against WWE is seemingly another attempt to leverage yet another payday from the only wrestling company with deep enough pockets to be able to provide the funds that are being sought. I don’t know all the details but I’m highly skeptical of the motives of this legal action from the same attorney who seemingly is making it his life’s work to walk away with WWE money. I’d guess that no one sees a dime in this attempt to create a payday by any means possible.

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