Lucha Underground SEASON 2 FINALE! Ultima Lucha Dos: Part III Preview & Live Coverage! Featuring Rey Mysterio, Jr., Prince Puma, Pentagon, Jr., Johnny Mundo, Ivelisse, Taya, Matanza & Many More!


It’s a bittersweetly violent moment, Believers! Tonight is Part III of Ultima Lucha Dos, the season finale of Lucha Underground! The past two weeks have been incredibly explosive, but we still have FIVE more matches left in this two-hour event! We have THE PRINCE vs. EL REY, Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr., plus…


Two of the most badass luchadoras in the world collide in a singles match for the title of Baddest Bitch in the Building! Taya vs. Ivelisse comes at you TONIGHT!


And Black Lotus makes her long-awaited in-ring debut in a match against El Dragon Azteca, Jr.! Will she finally get her sweet revenge and El Dragon Azteca’s luchador identity, or will he continue to live on through the body and soul of his student?


We also have a TAG TEAM TRIOS CHAMPIONSHIP match lined up for tonight! It’s the SuperFriends, the team of Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar against the current champs, The Worldwide Underground, featuring “The Darewolf” PJ Black, Johnny Mundo, and Jack Evans! Will the SuperFriends serve their beef on the best-booked heels? Or will the Worldwide Underground prevail?


And one of the longest-awaited matches in Lucha Underground history… A Lucha Underground Championship match between Pentagon, Jr., and The Monster himself, Matanza Cueto! Find out who leaves the Temple as the Champion this season tonight! Yours truly will deliver the live coverage of the violent finale tonight at 10 PM!

In the meantime, sound off in the comments – Believers, who are your picks for tonight? Which promos do you think we’ll see tonight, as well?

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See ya at 10, Believers!

It’s 10! Brother brother brother brother brother! (To those of you who saw the premiere – shhh!)

We get a recap of Vampiro’s release from the psychiatric facility from the season premiere. Mil Muertes and Catrina. The Unlikely Trio. The Ancient Aztec Prophecy. Everything this season leading up to this moment – Ultima Lucha Dos, the finale. El Dragon Azteca’s death. Black Lotus. El Dragon Azteca, Jr.’s rise to power, with the help of Rey Mysterio, Jr. Dario Cueto’s return with his brother, The Monster. Aztec Warfare II. The formation of the Worldwide Underground, and their Trios title reign. Pentagon, Jr. and his sensei. Ivelisse and Taya, and their hatred. Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio.

And now…

Pentagon Junior has now earned the right to face Matanza. He is bowed before Vampiro. But is he ready. Si. No. He says he has no fear, but that night, Vampiro saw nothing but fear. Pentagon needs to destroy the man who was broken by The Monster. Pentagon obeys. He leaves the sanctuary.

He must destroy the man he once was. There is a brawl between Vampiro and Pentagon. We the Believers are kept in the dark. Vampiro becomes the Pentagon from that night and tells him, You’re still scaredBut Pentagon is not… Or is he? Vampiro tells him he’s ready. The Temple remains a much darker place, but Pentagon is bright.

We cut to the Temple, in the present. Luchadores jam out in the balcony, per usual! Melissa Santos greets the Believers! She announces the first match…

Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match: The SuperFriends Team of Drago, Aerostar & Fenix vs. The Worldwide Underground Team of Johnny Mundo, “The Darewolf” PJ Black & Jack Evans!

This match will begin after this commercial break! Get excited!

We’re back! Everyone cheers for lucha! Anddd the ref tries his best to keep the teams from arguing. The bell rings! Note that Taya is absent due to prepping for her match with Ivelisse.

Mundo and Fenix! Perfect. Mundo gets in strikes first. Leg sweep by Mundo! He’s got momentum.

Drago is in. Takedown by Drago. He’s on the move. Drago dodges Mundo’s efforts.

But Mundo comes back, for sure. PJ comes in without a tag. He brings down Drago. PJ misses and gets hurt! Aerostar comes in. Corkscrew by Aerostar. Modified 6-1-9 by Aerostar!

Evans is in without a tag! He covers Aerostar! Aerostar gets hit in the tush.

Fenix is in!

Mundo is too! Both legal tags. Fenix kicks Mundo off the apron! The SuperFriends go for a leap onto the WWU but the ref stops them!

Now all six are brawling each other! Fenix is now cornered and trapped. Mundo mocks the official and tags PJ. Evans pounds on Fenix! He then has a polite discussion with the ref. Mundo and PJ work together on Fenix. PJ stands on Fenix’s neck. He tags in Evans. Chop to the abs!

Fenix is trapped in the turnbuckles and Evans sends himself in, knocking Fenix in the special place!

Creative beatdowns from WWU.

The three continue to work together on Fenix’s neck. Cover, kick out by Fenix. Now the six are beating each other down! But the SuperFriends are getting the most. Drago sends out PJ Black!

Fenix sends Evans on the apron.

Aerostar sends out Mundo! Fenix is perched on the turnbuckles! He works with Aerostar!

Aerostar leaps on the WWU outside of the ring and Fenix splashes onto Mundo! Cover! Kick out by Mundo! So close!

“This is awesome!” Fenix is now on a roll! Mundo rolls him through, cover, kick out by Fenix!

Fenix sends in Mundo! Armdrag. Aerostar leaps onto Mundo!

Drago goes onto PJ! Fenix and Aerostar cover Mundo, and the count is three – but Evans pulled Rick the ref out of the ring!

Fenix chops Mundo!

Fenix is down, and Aerostar is taken away by PJ!

PJ uses a Tag belt to take out Drago and more! The WWU have the belts now, and work on Fenix! Air guitar by WWU!

Evans gets the ref back in the ring. Mundo covers the limp Fenix, but he kicks out!

PJ knocks out the ref!

Work still being delivered to Fenix, while Vampiro and Striker discuss what to call these moves.

The WWU seem like better friends than the SuperFriends! Testosterone-y Sailor Moon, maybe?

Wait! Angelico limps into the Temple with crutches!

He beats Mundo with one! The SuperFriends make a comeback! Drago leaps for Aerostar’s rescue!

They’re down with Jack Evans! Angelico continues to beat Mundo with crutches!

Fenix cashes in! Fenix Driver! Cover! 1, 2, 3!

Winners and your new LU Trios Champions: The SuperFriends Team of Fenix, Aerostar & Drago!

Angelico smiles as he leaves backstage in the Temple.

The SuperFriends celebrate their victory in the ring!

Up next, we have Black Lotus vs. El Dragon Azteca, Jr., after this break!

We’re back! Time for…

Singles Match: El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Black Lotus!

Excited for this debut! Here we go!

Cheering for Azteca. Lotus dodges his first move!

She’s got him cornered! Damn! He leaps out of her way. He spins her around! But she bounces back, no problem!

She’s sent onto the apron. He’s driven down by his mask! She sends him out! Whew! You can feel the animosity. He comes back in, and she comes out of the ring. Chops, and she’s sent down from the apron. He’s beginning to feel comfortable now, and leaps out of the ring – but she’s out of the way!

She’s not afraid to fight! She grabs him by his mask. She sends him in, but he sends her into the balcony wall! The sound echoes into the Temple.

Lotus is still down. Music plays and she screams. Strange moment there. She’s sent back into the ring as the ref’s count was back to seven.

Basement dropkick. She covers him. First cover of the match, he kicks out. Lotus shows signs of weakness, but still delivers a beating. Strikes by Lotus.

Roaring elbow by Dragon Azteca! He’s got control. Violence knows no gender. He picks her up. She gets schooled. He climbs the turnbuckles! He prepares! Perches!

Pentagon Junior interrupts!

He gazes at Lotus on the mat before sending her down! Cero miedo! Vampiro smiles ear to ear from the announce table.

Pentagon breaks her arm!

He takes Azteca from the turnbuckles and delivers a package piledriver! He breaks his arm!

He soaks in the cheers from the Believers! This is a new Pentagon, for sure… Pentagon Dark.

We cut to commercial.

We’re back! Pentagon Dark addresses the Believers. Hey. He discusses last year’s Ultima Lucha. And Vampiro. And the former Pentagon. The one who was humiliated by Matanza Cueto. But Vampiro gave him, taught him, about the darkest places in the universe. They faced and defeated their fears… It doesn’t sound as dark as it was. But trust us, it was.

Behold, Pentagon DARK.

He wants his title match now!

Melissa Santos backs away from the new Pentagon as she announces the…

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark vs. “The Monster” Matanza Cueto!

This match begins after the break!

We’re back!

Pentagon wastes no time on Matanza! He leaps onto him from the ring!

He beats him in front of the Believers! Slap by Pentagon! Dario Cueto complains! Pentagon has him!

Dario calls to Matanza! Matanza goes into the balcony gate! Dario goes to his brother’s aide, but not for long. Pentagon returns with more strikes. He lifts him in front of the announce table, and drives him into the floor!

Pentagon looks to Vampiro. Pentagon chops Matanza!

He sends Matanza into the announce table!

He hits Matanza with a chair! He pays homage to LA PARKA! Matanza is down! Melissa and a tech guy get out of the way! Matanza is sent into chairs!

Pentagon strikes Matanza, but Matanza returns with a beatdown!

Pentagon slaps Matanza! Fans bang on the balcony gate! More chops by Pentagon. He beats him with his head! Matanza is sent into more chairs!

Pentagon holds up a chair and hits him with it.

Matanza is back up. Pentagon kicks him in the rear! They’re back in the ring. Dario says, Remember mother. Chills! Wake up, wake up!

Matanza is cornered by Pentagon! Matanza is down! Cover by Pentagon, kick out!

We have never seen Matanza dominated like this. Cover, kick out by Matanza. Matanza is back on his feet. Thrust kick. Matanza sent into the turnbuckles. Matanza reverses! “Holy shit!” Is the turnbuckle broken?!

Moonsaults by Matanza!

Cover, kick out by Pentagon! Get wrench, cover, shoulders not down by Matanza. No cover.

Pentagon’s back on his feet. They face off.

Matanza punches Pentagon. Pentagon punches back. Cheering for Pentagon!

They run into each other! Matanza picks up Pentagon! Suplex! Cover! Not enough for Pentagon. He leaves the ring, and Matanza runs into him from the ropes.

Pentagon climbs the turnbuckles. Flipping piledriver! Matanza is down!

Vampiro has a bat covered in wire!

A new weapon for the fight!

Dario stops Pentagon! He tries to run from Pentagon, but he doesn’t escape!

He’s about to break the Proprietor’s arm! Matanza hits him with the bat!

Wrath of the Gods! Cover by Matanza! 1, 2, 3!

Winner and still your Lucha Underground Champion: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto!

Vampiro makes his way to the run! He comes to Pentagon’s aid, but he pushes him away.

Pentagon leaves the ring, and we cut to commercial.

We’re back! Vampiro pops some pills. Time for the…

Singles Match for the title of The Baddest Bitch of the Building: Taya vs. Ivelisse!

Taya waves to Ivelisse as she descends down the balcony steps! This match begins after the break!

We’re back! Here we go! Ivelisse goes in headfirst!

She strikes Taya repeatedly! “Don’t touch me!” yells Taya! Ivelisse sends out Taya! Ivelisse slams Taya into the turnbuckles over ten times!

She grabs Taya. She sends her down on the mat! Taya leaves the ring and Ivelisse follows. She kicks her from the apron, but is sent down on the apron.

Taya now has control. She sends Ivelisse on the floor.

Then into the balcony wall! She kicks her while she’s down. She mocks her opponent. Taya goes for a suplex, but Ivelisse prevents it! But Taya comes back. She strikes her by the seats. Ivelisse is down.

Taya yells at her foe – but it goes too far.

Ivelisse sends Taya into a seat! Ivelisse kicks Taya in the chest several times!


Note this is Taya’s only second match here in the Temple – but it’s still brutal! Ivelisse is sent into the balcony gate, but she hangs on to it, minimizing the impact!

They’re both on the balcony now! Taya is sent off it! Ivelisse leaps onto her from the gate!

They stumble to the ring. Ivelisse grabs her, but Taya sends Ivelisse into the announce table! WeraLoca! Ivelisse is down. Sledgehammer to the back by Taya! They’re on the balcony steps. Taya delivers a beatdown. She drags Ivelisse by her hair up the stairs. Cheering for Ivelisse! Ivelisse and Taya tug each other by the ears!

They’re both sent down! Taya rises to her feet.

Both are back in the ring. Taya runs in and Ivelisse dodges! She’s on the move! Boot to the face! Taya keeps going down! Suplex by Ivelisse! Powerbomb by Ivelisse! Wait! The Temple goes dark!


She dons dominatrix gear! She powerbombs Ivelisse! The Temple goes dark again! Catrina is gone and Ivelisse is still down! Northern Lights by Taya!

Cover! 1, 2, 3!

Winner and your new Baddest Bitch of the Building: Taya!

Holy cow! Taya walks around the ring, celebrating her victory! Wait! The Temple is dark – Catrina! She gives Ivelisse the Lick of Death!

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

We get a promo. We’re in Boyle Heights. A voiceover about the next match, the Dream Match between Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio. Prince Puma is a direct descendant of the ancient Aztecs. We get a recap of their relationship over the course of Season 2.

The match is next, after this commercial break.

We’re back! Time for…

The Dream Match: Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.!

We have yet another break! They’re really trying to get us hyped! Don’t go away!

We’re back! LET’S GO!

They shake hands. Great sportsmanship and respect between these two! Of course. The bell rings. They create space. Prince Puma enjoys the hype from the fans. Locking hands. Puma’s down! Rey goes through.

Puma goes over.

He’s sent in by El Rey! Wow! Arm drag.

Rey sends in Puma! But he’s on his feet! He’s gotta prove himself against the King!

You may be a prince, but I’m still the king.

“This is lucha!”

Rey kicks Puma in the gut.

Counters by Rey. Puma gets kicks to the face. Cover by Rey, kick out at one.

Rey’s getting aggressive here, something we haven’t seen much of from this luchador. Locking hands. Rey went for the tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Puma reversed! Codebreaker! Puma doesn’t go for a cover. Puma runs into Rey. Uppercut. 3-2-3 chants, the Boyle Heights area code. Puma sends Rey, but he bounces right back! Submission by Puma!

He targets Rey’s knees! Cover by Puma, kick out! Rey is on the turnbuckles after being sent in! Puma comes for him. Electric chair position, Rey on top. They go through the ropes in the same position! Good balance. Puma is sent down.

Rey is back in the ring. He slides into Puma from the ring! Smooth as f*ck.

Puma is back in! Rey leaps onto him from the turnbuckles!

Counters galore! Rolling through! Dodging kicks! Puma’s got Rey! Rey’s got Puma!

DDT! Cover by Puma! Kick out by Rey! Not enough. Puma kicks Rey! Rey goes down too. Puma’s back on his feet. Modified 6-1-9 by Rey! Puma has Rey! Suplex! Vertical suplex! Cover by Puma! Kick out by Rey!

“This is lucha!” Puma is on the turnbuckles! Rey tries to get him down! He climbs on top of him! He strikes Puma in the head! They’re hooking each other, back to back! Puma’s edge from the top rope?! Rey gets out of danger! Rey is top of Puma now! He strikes him! Rey sends him away! Cover! Kick out by Puma! Rey has control as he’s on his feet. Puma is on his feet and strikes him. Chop by Rey. Exchanges of strikes. Puma now as control! Cover, kick out by Rey.


Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr.!

“Please come back” chants as he celebrates his victory! Puma and Rey have a moment together.

“I will leave the ring to you,” Rey says to Puma. He ascends up the steps as Puma reflects in the middle of the ring. “Thank you Rey, thank you Rey!”

Striker and Vampiro say goodbye… But Pentagon Dark appears! Striker and Vampiro are down!

Pentagon holds up the bat for the Believers to witness. Vampiro comes to his feet! It erupts into a match!

Pentagon takes apart the announce table! He beats Vampiro with the bat! They’re in the ring, and Pentagon takes the wire to Vampiro’s eyes! Blood pours from Vampiro’s face!

Pentagon EATS some of the blood! Pentagon is now the new master!

He delivers strikes to Vampiro before leaving him for dead in the ring…

We’re outside of the Temple. The police have custody of Dario Cueto!

They drive away from the Temple. Lights flash behind the Proprietor as the Temple fades into the brightness of the cars, and now into darkness. Dario smiles at his fate.

To be continued.

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