Post Civil War II Fallout & Marvel Now 2016 Spoilers: Marvel Anticipates DC Comics’ Suicide Squad Movie Fandom “Bad Guys” Love With October 2016 Solicitations?!

Bring on the Bad Guys banner Marvel Now 2016 DC Comics Rebirth

DC Comics / DC Entertainment’s Suicide Squad film will hit theaters August 5, 2016 and is anticipated to do $125 million to $135 million or more opening box office and expected to be the best grossing August film ever. The movie features prominent DC Comics villains grudgingly working for the government on suicide missions that sees their sentences reduced if the live and shut-up.

Suicide Squad movie poster

It’s a movie based on a comic book that debuted in the 1980’s by writer John Ostrander and artist John Byrne in the pages of a mini-series called Legends.

Legends 30th Anniversary Edition

Anyhow, what does this have to do with Marvel? Well it looks like Marvel is doing a better job of anticipating fandom’s bad guy interest! Marvel looks to strike while the iron (man?) is hot and is launching 11 bad guy centric #1 series as part of Marvel Now 2016! Full checklist and omissions information here.

Post Civil War II Fallout, Marvel Now 2016 and Marvel Comics October 2016 Solicitations Spoilers:

Marvel Now 2016 Bullseye #1

Marvel Now 2016 Foolkiller #1

Marvel Now 2016 Infamous Iron Man #1

Marvel Now 2016 Kingpin #1

Marvel Now 2016 Occupy Avengers #1

Marvel Now 2016 Prowler #1

Marvel Now 2016 Punisher #7

Marvel Now 2016 Slapstick #1

Marvel Now 2016 Solo #1

Marvel Now 2016 Thanos #1

Marvel Now 2016 Venom #1

These series join six other continuing Marvel series.

Marvel Now 2016 Captain America Steve Rogers #7

Marvel Now 2016 Deadpool #12

Marvel Now 2016 Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #4

Marvel Now 2016 Punisher #7

Marvel Now 2016 Squadron Supreme 13

Marvel Now 2016 Thunderbolts #7

So, 17 villain-centric comic books for Marvel Comics as part of Marvel Now 2016 this Fall.

I already read Squadron Supreme and Thunderbolts and I can see myself adding Prowler to the list and at least sampling Solo.

What “bad guy” books from Marvel Now 2016 intrigue you?

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