10 thoughts on NXT – Samoa Joe, American Alpha, Authors of Pain

JT on NXT logo

1. It’s NXT time and we kick off with Rhyno against Samoa Joe in a non-title match, which promises to be a hard hitting affair.

2. It’s funny to see a couple of guys with decades of experience on NXT while the likes of Baron Corbin is considered a top draft pick. After all these years, Vince still loves the tall, muscular guys… As expected this was a bout full of stiff strikes and hard suplexes, with Joe picking up the submission victory with the Kokina clutch.

3. Next up we’ve got an interview with Asuka, who wants to take on both Bayley and Nia Jax. I would watch that.

4. Now it’s time for the recently drafted American Alpha to take on the Authors of Pain, accompanied by ‘manager to large angry men’ Paul Ellering. As Jordan and Gable are on their way to the ring the Authors jump them from behind with Ellering looking on approvingly. Undeterred, American Alpha clear the ring and the match is on. The Authors hit some sloppy looking power moves as Gable sells like a pro.

5. It’s about time they gave names to the Authors, as neither commentator is able to describe them effectively. You can only hear ‘the one with the tattoo’ so many times before getting annoyed…This was a fun match with Jordan & Gable totally carrying the Authors, who look like they hit hard but still need to work on their monster heel act. Gable takes the pin and American Alpha moves on to their inevitable program with the Usos.

6. The Revival claim to be the best tag team on the planet, but somehow they didn’t get drafted. Ciampa and Gargano interrupt and get in their faces, calling them out.

7. The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Austin Aries is taking on former Tough Enough contestant Patrick Clark, who has his face and the American flag airbrushed on his tights. Classy. Aries lets Clark hit exactly one offensive move before kicking the crap out of him and tapping him out with the last chancery. After the match No Way Jose hits the ring and brawls with Aries, eventually chasing him out through the crowd.

8. Now it’s time for Bayley vs Nia Jax, who has been drafted along with Carmella and Eva Marie. But not Bayley. WTF, WWE? Jax dominates for most of the match while Bayley does her best to make her look good, hitting a couple of hope spots including a nice clothesline from the apron to the outside.

9. I’ve looked at the draft rosters three times now to see if I’ve missed Bayley’s name, but it just isn’t there. As a small concession, Bayley picks up the win after a Bayley to belly from the top rope.

10. This episode of NXT was all about passing the torch, with American Alpha and Nia Jax about to make the transition to the main rosters. It’s inexplicable that Bayley is still in NXT, except to give Asuka someone to work with until she gets the inevitable call-up…

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