SDCC 2016: DC Comics Rebirth Plans For Tim Drake Red Robin, Conner Kent Superboy & Other Past Teen Titans? Young Justice Rebirth Coming?

DC Comics Rebirth Young Justice

San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SDCC 2016) held a DC Comics Rebirth panel called Young Gotham / Young Metropolis, focusing on DC Rebirth’s younger focused books like Teen Titans, Super Sons, Batgirl, Supergirl, Batman Beyond & Earth 2 Society.

Teen Titans #1 cover not released - this is Teen Titans Rebirth #1 cover

Teen Titans artist Jonboy Meyers appeared to let a tidbit slip about DC Rebirth MIA Conner Kent Superboy & other older Teen Titans:

    [Artist Jonboy] Meyers came close to blowing some supposedly secret plans for the old “Teen Titans” team like Tim Drake and Connor Kent, but he held his tongue. The artist for the time being pointed fans towards “Detective Comics” to catch up with Tim.

Young Justice Superboy Conner Kent Tim Drake Red Robin Bart Allen Kid Flash Impulse

Interestingly he also teased further Titans connections:

    Similarly, there may be a nod in the future to connecting Dick Grayson’s “Titans” team to Damian’s current group. Finally, the artist announced that there is a hidden member of the “Teen Titans” team that hasn’t been seen yet, but will be revealed early in the book’s run.

Titans Rebirth #1 Wally West

Interesting developments. With the truly “teen” DC heroes and heroines on Teen Titans, and the original TT as the Titans, does that mean the heroes between them could become Young Justice again?

Young Justice tpb 1

Conner Kent Superboy and Bart Allen Kid Flash or Impulse were particularly hard done by in the New 52. While Tim Drake Red Robin and Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl were not so miserably treated. Interesting DC Rebirth times ahead.

Teen Titans A Collection of 50 Years

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