10 thoughts on CWC episode 2 – Akira Tozawa, Tajiri, TJ Perkins

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1. After the great kickoff last week it’s time for episode 2 of the Cruiserweight Classic! Unlike every other WWE show we don’t start out with 15 minutes of talking, instead we get a short intro from Mauro and Bryan a quick cut to Graves to recap the brackets, then we’re into the first match!

2. It’s flashback time with the return of Tajiri, and the Japanese buzzsaw is taking on Australia’s own Damien Slater. Some decent chain wearing to start, with Slater displaying some smooth moves. Before too long Tajiri decides to just kick the crap out of him, then works the arm until Slater almost breaks his shoulder on a corkscrew pescado. After regaining his senses Slater fights on for a couple more minutes then gets taken out with the buzzsaw kick.

3. Next up we’ve got TJ Perkins representing the Philippines vs Da Mack from Germany, and either there is something wrong with my WWE network or this match is cut very badly. Things eventually smooth out and Perkins shows he is an adept technical wrestler, while Da Mack isn’t bad either.

4. Beautiful Disaster from the top rope almost gets the win for Da Mack, but Perkins hits a GTS into a knee bar for the submission win. Good match.

5. Now it’s time for Lince Dorado from Puerto Rico to take on Mustafa Ali, who says he is from Chicago but represents Pakistan. Ali is apparently also a police officer, which I suppose automatically makes him a heel these days.

6. Some nice high flying from both men, with Ali in control for much of the match, until Dorado hits a sick hurricurana off the apron followed by a high elevation moonsault to the outside. Ali hits an amazing Spanish fly off the top rope but misses an inverted 450, allowing Dorado to hit the shooting star press for the win. Excellent match from both performers.

7. The trainers are checking on Ali after the match, and he appears to have hurt his neck. I hope that he’s okay.

8. Our next match is Kenneth Johnson from Detroit vs Akira Tozawa from Japan. Johnson seems to have an inspiring story but Tozawa is clearly the superior wrestler, breaking his opponent down with a combination of strikes and submissions. Johnson picks up the pace towards the end, going strike for strike with Tozawa, even picking up a couple of two counts. Eventually Tozawa is too tough for the American and picks up the pin with a bridging deadlift German suplex.

9. Johnson has an odd look and a weird in ring presence, but Tozawa is spectacular in the ring and displays genuine personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it to the finals…

10. Next week we have the CWC debut of Zack Sabre Jr and the return of The Brian Kendrick, which promises to be another exciting episode of CWC!

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