SDCC 2016 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Creator John Ostrander Returns To Suicide Squad in DC Rebirth!

During San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SDCC 2016) it was announced that John Ostrander, the writer who in the 1980’s repurposed DC Comics Silver Age team name “Suicide Squad” for his then new villains-centric reluctant “do-gooder” government agents series, will return to the characters during DC Comics Rebirth. It is Ostrander’s take on the #Skwad that is the inspiration for the Suicide Squad film set to hits theatres on August 5, 2016

Spoilers follow!

DC Comics announced that “…fans curious about long-time Suicide Squad writer John Ostrander, their patience was rewarded when it was revealed that he’ll return to the title for the first time in 10 years on the SUICIDE SQUAD: WAR CRIMES SPECIAL #1, on sale August 31.

Suicide Squad War Crimes 1

Great news!

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