SDCC 2016 & Marvel Now 2016 Spoilers: Marvel Comics Announces 2 More Post Civil War II Series For A Total Of 35 #1’s So Far!

During San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SDCC 2016) Marvel Comics built on their original 33 Marvel Now 2016 / Post Civil War II series announced with 2 more series; that 35 new #1’s over the Fall of 2016 for Marvel!

First up is it was announced that “Deadpool: Back In Black by Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin will reveal that after Peter Parker rejected the symbiote it went first to Wade Wilson and not Eddie Brock.

Deadpool Back in Black #1

Next up it was also announced that “Black Panther: World of Wakanda aims to expand the franchise with a focus on supporting characters from the main solo title. Ta-Nehisi Coates will oversee the title, and will co-write select stories.

Black Panther World of Wakanda #1

What Marvel news are you excited about from Marvel at SDCC 2016 so far?

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