Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Battleground 2016 PPV

WWE has Battleground 2016 tonight on PPV!

Here is the Pulse Wrestling Crew’s preview of the event.

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
Spain: Well, this is the match we’ve all been waiting for. Sure, we’ve seen versions of it inside a Fatal Four-Way and what have you, but this is the one. Reigns is still under the dark shadow of being a wellness violator; Dean Ambrose being on SmackDown makes it seem unlikely that he’ll be the one to retain, and Seth Rollins was the number one draft pick. So I’m going with that formula and saying that we’re going to see Rollins take the belt to RAW.
Winner (and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Seth Rollins

Sam P – It’s lucky Roman doesn’t walk through the crowd anymore, otherwise we’d have a massacre on our hands. He will get a hideous reaction, and it’s a shame, because his misdemeanour has sullied a match up we’ve been calling for for years. Still, these three guys have better chemistry than a science teacher with a Bunsen burner, so it should be great. The title can’t afford to be removed from Smackdown at the moment, so either Ambrose flat out retains, or there are some shenanigans leading to a second world title in the future.
Winner: Ambrose doesn’t lose, but there’s no clear solitary victor.

Michael – This match will be well planned out with lots of good triple threat action. These guys know each other and all want to put on the best performance. I think Reigns stays in the doghouse for a while. And while I would hope Rollins takes it, if Ambrose doesn’t win, Smackdown Live will only have one champion on their roster.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Lewis Michie – Rollins to win, after Reigns spears Ambrose. Leads to Rollins hitting the pedigree on Reigns and winning the WWE title, taking it to RAW.
Winner: Rollins

Widro – There could be a disputed finish here of some kind, or just the horrible reality of a clean Roman win.
Winner: Reigns

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
Spain: All good things must come to an end. And, to be honest, this feud really didn’t get as nuts as I thought it would. Probably because it was always played as a part of a different match. I feel like Kevin Owens has been super-dominant lately, but it’s actually for that reason that I’m saying Zayn is going to win the match. I think they’re going to bring his stock up, knowing that they won’t be hurting KO too much.
Winner: Sami Zayn

Sam P – The first time we get these two mortal enemies on a main roster PPV is at Battleground, post brand extension. The most redundant PPV in recent years. Regardless, not enjoying these two going at it would be like not enjoying ice cream. Or sex. As much as they’re telling us this will put an end to their feud, with them both being drafted to the same show, this is surely just the build up to something bigger. Put them in a cage ts Summerslam. Then give them a Best Of Seven Series. Then, in Hell In A Cell at Wrestlemania, have them reconcile and form an unlikely but awesome tag team. You’re welcome.
Winner: Draw

Michael – A match that had been built as the final match to finally allow these two to move forward in their careers. But then they were both drafted to the same brand, so I figure they will continue to wrestle. Not that that is a horrible thing. This will be the match of the night. And one of these guys can absorb a loss better than the other at this point.
Winner: Sami Zayn

Lewis Michie – Zayn to win this one. It’s tough to call, both guys could do with a nice win. Looking at RAW’s roster, they are going to need a real, heavily over babyface as the brand split begins. Zayn is a candidate for that spot and will need the momentum of this win.
Winner: Zayn

Widro – With both going to the same brand, that changes what could have been a blow off. I think Kevin Owens picks up a win here to set up another gimmicked match at Summerslam 2016.
Winner: Owens

John Cena, Enzo Amore, Big Cass vs. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows

Spain: I do not understand the appeal of taking two separate feuds and putting them together in a bigger match. That is what RAW, SmackDown, and Money in the Bank Ladder Matches are for. And seeing as how none of this means anything because, you know, it absolutely doesn’t, I’ll say Cena and Friends take it home.
Winner: John Cena, Enzo and Cass.

Sam P – This. Will. Be. Great. A sweet ass match in its own right, there’s also the possibility of Finn Balor rocking up to replace Styles as the head of The Club. Sit back and enjoy.
Winner: Cassenazo.

Michael – Let me check my list of cliches I think we’ll see here. Enzo playing Ricky Morton for a long time. Big Cass looking like a legit monster. John Cena hitting the A.A. for the pin. Karl Anderson taking the pinfall. Yeah, that about sums it up. Although… I have a feeling they have Styles walk out on The Club or The Club walk out on him to start them on their new roster roles.
Winner: John Cena, Enzo Amore, and Big Cass

Lewis Michie – Team Cena to win. An AA on Anderson into the aided cross body. Gives Enzo and Cass a big win, allows them to feud with Anderson and Gallows on RAW, while AJ feuds with Cena on Smackdown going forward.
Winner: Team Cena

Widro – With both teams splitting up after the PPV, it’s hard to use that to choose. Cena lost the first match and there will presumably be a rematch at Summerslam, so I’m going to go with Team Cena.
Winner: Team Cena

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya
Spain: I find this one pretty appealing. Not just because I reckon it could go either way, but because it’s two women who now hate each other, who are both fantastic wrestlers and who are going to try and cripple each other. Like I say, either competitor could win and it would work, but I feel like Natalya’s beat-downs need an exclamation point, and that is an actual victory.
Winner: Natalya

Sam P – I just want to hug Becky. She gets endlessly battered from pillar to post and is effectively bullied for being nice and fun. I’m assuming it’s because she’s ginger, which is the same reason Heath Slater wasn’t drafted. Anyway, she needs a win as the top female pick on Smackdown.
Winner: Becky Lynch

Michael – Has Becky Lynch won any big match since she has been called up? I would think this one has to be the one where she goes over. As good as Natalya is, the WWE has higher sights set for Lynch. But who really cares who wins since the Women’s title is over on Raw.
Winner: Becky Lynch

Lewis Michie – Becky needs a big win, and it seems as though she will be the face of Smackdown, so I am going for Becky Lynch.
Winner: Becky

Widro – Nice to see a singles womens match with no title on the line, just a grudge.
Winner: Becky Lynch

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
The Miz (c) vs. Darren Young
Spain: I’ll admit, I really was wary of the Bob Backlund segments when they started. But the old man is entertaining as hell and Darren Young’s been great working with him. When Backlund called for the crossface on SmackDown, I actually marked out just a little. But it’s too soon to pay this off with a title win yet: Miz needs to do some of his stellar heel work before Young takes the belt. This is Rocky: Rocky II is going to be further down the line.
Winner (and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion): The Miz

Sam P – Darren Young has shot up the rankings out of absolutely nowhere. While it’s great that he’s becoming great again, it’s all a bit too early. Plus the Miz is an absolute diamond in this role.
Winner: The Miz

Michael – As much as I have enjoyed Miz’s work lately, this match just looks lame. They have also made Young look like he is not a worthy competitor by having him luck out of a battle royal to get the shot. Honestly, how many matches has Darren Young won in 2016?
Winner: The Miz

Lewis Michie – A win for the Miz. I see Darren Young being made into a solid midcarder who can help bridge storylines and put guys over. This feud would have been a way to set the character up. Going forward, The Miz will also need some momentum going into Smackdown, being one of just six former world champions on the brand.
Winner: the Miz

Widro – Darren got over on Raw this week but it’s still not his time to win a title here, plus he is on an opposite brand
Winner: The Miz

WWE United States Title Match
Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder
Winner (and ABSOLUTELY STILL WWE United States Champion): Rusev


Michael – Another yawn of a match. Ryder, since his fluke win at Wrestlemania has returned to Jobberville where he has a 30 year mortgage on a run-down shack. Why, why, why are we getting Zack Ryder and Darren Young in title matches when Cesaro is not on the card? I could care less who wins this match, but if they do a title switch here, I think they also switch the Intercontinental title, so they still have one of their secondary champs on each brand.
Winner: Rusev

Lewis Michie – Rusev to win. I pick this way for two reasons. 1. It would have to be this way due to how my IC title prediction goes. 2. Rusev will be one of the top stars on RAW after this pay per view, having him lose to Zack Ryder probably wouldn’t help elevate him going into that.
Winner: Rusev

Widro – Can’t have Zack Ryder in this position (or the IC title in Wrestlemania 32), what a joke.
Winner: Rusev

The Wyatt Family vs. The New Day
Spain: Alright, I’m just going to say it: was Xavier Woods molested by a Bray Wyatt lookalike as a child? Because that is literally the only reason I can think of that he’s reacting this way. Like…the only one. I mean, I’d be scared of Braun Strowman, because I feel like the best case scenario of that encounter would be him keeping me prisoner and treating me like his human kitten. Plus, the belts aren’t on the line, which pretty much means the champs are going to lose.
Winners: The Wyatt Family

Sam P – This is a weird one. The Wyatt Family just battered the living daylights out of The New Day in a compound full of rusty weapons, and now they’re having a straight wrestling match? Sure, because pro wrestling. It’s baffling that the Wyatts have been broken up after only just returning to their former glory, so we have to assume Luke Harper is close to a return and the original family will reside on Smackdown.
Winner: No clue. Errr… *points at screen*… The New Day

Michael – I have no idea what that whole “Battle at the Compound” thing was supposed to be. Was it counter-programming to the strange Hardy thing going on over in TNA? Whatever. The belts are not on the line, so there is no real reason for The New Day to win here. I’m guessing Bray Wyatt goes over big in this match to set him up for a top heel run on Smackdown.
Winner: The Wyatt Family

Lewis Michie – The Wyatt family to win. Wyatt will go on to be one of the top stars on Smackdown. New Day can take a lose, Wyatt needs the momentum to carry him into main event storylines on Smackdown. Pins Woods with sister Abigail.
Winner: The Wyatt family

Widro – Strange that they Wyatts are broken up, and as such they will take the loss here.
Winner: New Day

Sasha Banks & ?? vs. Dana Brooke &Charlotte
Spain: I totally get that you want Sasha to win the belts at SummerSlam, so just see my John Cena and Friends/AJ Styles and the White Supremacists entry for why unnecessary tag team matches at PPVs are bullshit. Anyway, Sasha and whoever should win it.
Winners: Sasha Banks and whoever.

Sam P – If the mystery partner is anyone other than Bayley, there will be more boos than at a ghost frat party. It’s entirely possible that WWE think Naomi could fill the role in a return from injury, or a main roster debuting Nia Jax. That thought should shrink back into the dank hole from whence it came.
Winner: Sasha Banks and friend

Michael – I guess this storyline is that Charlotte and Dana Brooke are saying no one wants to team with Sasha? Of course everyone is thinking that the mystery partner will be Bailey, so it will probably be Alicia Fox because the WWE likes to screw with their fans every chance they get. Actually, I am not sure they move Bailey up quite yet, so I am hoping the mystery partner is Paige, who can begin a feud with Dana Brooke and separate out the Charlotte/Sasha Banks storyline. Regardless, unless Sasha gets a pinfall on Charlotte here, it may all be for naught.
Winner: Sasha Banks and ??

Lewis Michie – Sasha’s partner to be Bayley. Bayley takes care of Dana, leading to Sasha submitting Charlotte, giving direction reasoning for Sasha Vs Charlotte at Summerslam.
Winner: Sasha Banks & ???

Widro – Seems too obvious to choose Bayley, I’ll go with Nia Jax and them winning
Winner: Sasha & Partner

Highlight Reel with Randy Orton
Sam P – Orton comes out, talks a bit, and Jericho eats an RKO. End.
Winner: GIF makers.

Michael – Jericho will be awesome. Orton will be his usual self. I have a feeling they will position him as a face coming back, but the last time we saw Brock Lesnar in the WWE, he was a face. Orton is better as a heel though. But I think this segment ends with Jericho eating an RKO, and that’s about the only reason it is on the show.
Winner: The fans as we get another chance to bask in the greatness that is Chris Jericho.

Lewis Michie – Pretty generic interview segment, ending with Jericho trying to make it about himself, then eating an RKO.

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