Jim Ross Blog: WWE Battleground 2016, Rollins, Reigns, Addressing Controversial Comment About Womans’ Wrestler Appearance


Jim Ross had a new Monday blog following Battleground, here are some highlights

on Rollins, Reigns
The Triple Threat bout for the WWE Title delivered while closing the show which is never easy in today’s marketplace. I thought that the right man won and the finish was well done. Reigns got a viable, antagonist reaction that felt like money to me. Heel money is green too.

Why should I dislike alleged villain Seth Rollins? He rarely cheats, he’s a great athlete that does tons of fan favorite spots and has overcome a potential career threatening injury that was well documented. Getting fans to dislike Rollins is going to be challenging abased on the current lay of the land.

on WWE Womans’ Hair
Some took exception to my Twitter comment Sunday about the women of WWE and their long, flowing hair extensions and I merely suggested that the ‘sameness’ was my issue and that there wasn’t enough individuality among the WWE women. This has nothing to do with ‘real’ hair but all about the lack of individuality that exists. Is it a big deal? Of course it isn’t but was merely an observation. For those who might think that I am not a fan of the women in WWE then you must be new to the party.

on Enzo
Enzo Amore was a star on the mic with one of the better in ring talking segments that I can recall in WWE in a long while. Really happy for Enzo and Cass especially considering that Cass was once considered to be expendable in NXT. I remember that production meeting where that matter was discussed as the ESPN cameras were there taping for the feature that was done on NXT.

on sloppy ring work
There were some sloppy, in ring moments during the night that I attribute to talents working too fast and not taking the time to properly sell during their matches. Matches devoid of proper selling thoroughly discounts the talent’s efforts and the perception of their bouts. It’s a head scratcher as to why more talents don’t comprehend the art of selling and that selling should not be perceived as a ‘weakness.’

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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