SDCC 2016 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Earth 2 Society To Be Cancelled For Justice Society (JSA) In DC Rebirth?

At The DC Comics Rebirth panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (SDCC 2016) an interesting tidbit of news was revealed concerning Multiversity and DC’s prime Earth. And, while we’re at it, I’m still looking forward to more of Multiversity’s Operation Justice Incarnate!

Multiversity #1 Spoilers 14

Anyhow, an attendee asked whether DC Comics had plans to explore the worlds unveiled in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. DC Comics Co-Publisher response by indicating that “for right now we’re going to focus on the main universe.”

Multiverse Map

This is interesting since there’s been a lot of questions about the future of DC Comics New 52 / DC You series Earth 2: Society. This is an Earth 2 universe tale focusing on the Wonders (meta-humans) of the Justice Society. Earth 2: Society is in inexplicably continuing with no cancellation announced so far.

Earth 2 Society #17 DC Comics October 2016 Solicitations DC Rebirth SDCC 2016

Yet the DC Comics October 2016 solicitations includes an end type of cover (above) and a solicit that sounds like it is the book’s end or leading to its end.


    (W) Abnett (A/CA) Bruno Redondo (CA) Tony Harris

    Earth-2 is dead! Following the climactic battle with Ultra-Humanite and his super-powered army, a handful of the Wonders awaken in a twilight limbo. Are they the only ones to have survived? Has their desperate gambit to save their world ended in total disaster?

    In Shops: Oct 12, 2016

    SRP: $2.99

At the same SDCC 2016 panel it was revealed that DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns notes that “I one-thousand percent have plans for Justice Society.” Well, Johns had plans for all Rebirth titles despite not writing all of them; so will we finally have a Justice Society of America or JSA series set in the prime universe sometime in 2016 as teased in DC Universe Rebirth #1?

DC Universe Rebirth #1 variant cover 1

You remember the scenes? With an older Johnny Thunder?

Justice Society JSA in DC Universe Rebirth #1 spoilers 1

Visited by the Speedforce torn original Wally West?

Justice Society JSA in DC Universe Rebirth #1 spoilers 2

Telling Johnny Thunder to find the Justice Society!

Justice Society JSA in DC Universe Rebirth #1 spoilers 3

Pretty excited for this. Not familiar with Johnny Thunder? No problem. Here’s his classic Who’s Who entry…

Johnny Thunderbolt of the JSA Who's Who in DC Comics

…and the classic Justice Society of America (JSA) Who’s Who for good measure.

Justice Society of America JSA Who's Who in the DC Comics

Looking forward to seeing DC Comics’ Rebirth plans for the Justice Society. Earth 2 was excellent when it launched under the pen of James Robinson, but I think its time for Earth 2: Society to be replaced by Prime Earth’s Justice Society; and it looks like that is in the cards.

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