WWE 2K16 Coming to Xbox One Games With Gold in August

If you just watched Raw and want to recreate either of the fatal four way matches from the show, or the incredible Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns main event, then WWE 2K16 is the game for you. It was announced today that WWE 2K16 will be free to Xbox Live Gold members from August 16 through September 15, along with Beyond Good and Evil HD. While those games close out the month of GWG freebies, it begins with Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on the Xbox One, and Spelunky on the 360.

This is the first time a pro wrestling game has ever been made available as either a PlayStation Plus free game or as part of the Games With Gold program. The timing is pretty much perfect too, with the brand extension giving WWE a bit more exposure than they’ve had since WrestleMania and the game features Finn Balor – who was pushed to the moon on the post-draft Raw show. It will also be free during Summerslam’s hype window – ensuring that WWE will be on the minds of more people than usual.



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