Pull List Roundtable 7/27/2016 – Batgirl #1, Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #1, Black Panther #4 & More!

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James Fulton

Batgirl #1 – I didn’t love the Rebirth issue of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, but I’m very curious to see how this book looks with Rafael Albuquerque drawing it (at least initially – he’s already been announced on an on-going Hit Girl comic).

Black Panther #4 – I’ve said it before, but I’m loving what Ta-Nehisi Coates is doing with Black Panther.

Civil War II – There are way too many tie-ins happening in the series I like – this week alone I’m looking at getting International Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Totally Awesome Hulk, in addition to the main book. The problem is that these ancillary comics don’t add much to the story at all.

ROM #1 – I’m not sure how I felt about the FCBD preview of this series, but I generally trust Christos Gage to write some good comics, and the nostalgia factor on this one is strong for me, so I’m looking forward to this.

Phil Allen

American Vampire Anthology #2 – I still haven’t read the entire first AV series, but Second Cycle was good, as was the first Anthology issue. I like these kinds of issues for all the contributing creators. Hopefully this means more AV in the near future.

Batgirl #1 – I wasn’t a big fan of the last Batgirl run, but I’m a big fan of Rafael Albuqueque and I’m starting to get into Hope Larsen’s work. This should be a promising series.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1 – The last GL issue I read was issue #20 of the New 52 run, Geoff John’s last issue. I’m excited to get back on the GL wagon.

Nightwing #1 – I didn’t realize how much I’d miss Nightwing until Grayson came along, I wasn’t on that bandwagon either.

Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #1 – Obviously AvP is a classic, but adding Dredd to the mix and you’ve got something pretty badass. This should be a wild ride!

The October Faction #18 – I’ve really enjoyed this series and I’ll be bummed to see it go. The last few issues were especially enjoyable.

Other issues I’m looking forward to:

Action Comics #960
Archie #10
Detective Comics #937
Doctor Fate #14
East of West #28
Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2
Lobster Johnson: The Metal Monsters of Midtown #3
Ms. Marvel #9
The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #12
Wonder Woman #3

Matt Graham

MMPR Pink #2 – The MMPR comic revival has enraptured me. This side story with Pink Ranger Kim called into action as Earth’s only hope while the Rangers are away is a nice companion to the series.

Batgirl #1 – I like Hope Larson’s original works in Salamander Dreams and Compass South, and I like Rafael Albuquerque’s art. It’s a little funny that a year after all the fracas over Albuquerque’s Batgirl variant cover, he’s the ongoing artist for Babs. I’m in this book for the talent involved more than the character. It’s funny, outside the 90s cartoon, Babs was never my Batgirl. Yet I have no affinity for anyone else who has filled the role.

Wonder Woman #3 – The alternating timeline issue format is going to irritate me the longer the series goes, I feel. I wonder if this was originally 2 series (with the Marguerite Bennett rumours supporting one of them?) squashed into one due to lack of faith. As Wonder Woman is one of my favourite DC properties, I hope this format doesn’t hound sales.

Black Panther #4 – This book is not what I was expecting, but I’ve been into it since issue #1. I like where Ta-Nehisisi Coates comes from on every angle of this story. I’m surprised a spin-off is coming, though.

Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #1 – I’m a fan of Judge Dredd and Aliens (Yes, the second film, not the whole franchise) and the title gave me pause, so what the hell.