Marvel Comics Civil War II #4 Spoilers & Review: Who Is On Whose Side As The Real Conflict Begins On The Road To Marvel Now 2016?

I love that Civil War II #4 variant cover! Deadpool clearly knows whose side he’s on! 😉

Civil War II #4 spoilers 2

The regular cover is below.

Civil War II #4 spoilers 1

So, does business finally pick up?

Marvel Comics Civil War II #4 Spoilers & Review.

Iron Man seems to believe that new Inhuman Ulysses’ future visions are not real, but theoretical. Iron Man copied Ulysses’ brain somehow earlier in Civil War II and has had time to analyze it to come to the determination that Ulysses’ powers are theoretical visions of the future not actual visions of the future.

Civil War II #4 spoilers B

And, those visions are being used by Captain Marvel to arrest people like Ms. Green who will get more “attention” from Captain Marvel later in the issue.

Civil War II #4 spoilers C

The lines are now drawn as Iron Man confronts Captain Marvel about acting on the Ulysses’ visions of the future. Captain Marvel bolts and…

Civil War II #4 spoilers 3

…Iron Man feels he needs to go public with Captain Marvel and SHIELD’s actions what I would call “anticipatory arrest”; an arrest because they anticipate you will commit a crime.

Civil War II #4 spoilers 3-5

We pivot back to a Ms. Green who has been anticipatory arrested because…

Civil War II #4 spoilers 4

…Ulysses’ future vision linked her with Hydra.

Civil War II #4 spoilers 5

Iron Man confronts Captain Marvel and SHIELD on their own turf and Cap’s forces seem outgunned, but…

Civil War II #4 spoilers 7

….then the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive and they’ve sided with Captain Marvel.

Civil War II #4 spoilers 8

We then get a look to Civil War II #5.

Civil War II #4 spoilers 9

Oh, and earlier in the issue we learn the verdict in Clint Barton / Hawkeye’ s trial over his murder of Bruce Banner / The Hulk last issue…

Civil War II #4 spoilers A

…Hawkeye is not guilty! Yet, this fact and possibly the end of Civil War II #7 appears to have been spoiled last week.

The media graphic used to announce the verdict is his old – and my preferred – purple Hawkeye costume! Hopefully it will make a comeback in Marvel Now 2016!


Business finally picks up in this issue! The conflict is defined in real relateable terms. Iron Man’s and Captain Marvel’s sides are solidified. Great art. All that is left is to… FIGHT! That comes next issue in Civil War II #5.

Marvel Civil War II banner 1

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