WWE NXT 7-27-16 Recap (Joe vs. Nakamura Announced, Nakamura and Ibushi in Action)

The usual show intro video hits and then Nakamura comes out to face Wesley Blake, who has new relaxing theme music and we see Blake and Murphy break up again via Facebook. Wesley rolls to avoid offense and blows a kiss. Nakamura catches one, but is disgusted – so Blake blows him another one and he tosses them back. Nakamura hits knees, then Good Vibrations. Blake gets 2 off a lariat, but Nakamura beats him down with kicks, hits the inverted exploder and wins with the Kinshasa.

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Billie Kay comes out i new blue velvet to face Santana Garrett. Garrett slides through the legs and dropkicks Billie down. Kay clubs away and hits some big kicks. Tom talks about Billie Kay’s going through the roof since she faced Dana Brooke on SmackDown. Well, that’s more personality than “her name is Billie Kay” – so it’s an upgrade. Running high kick gets the win for Kay.


Bayley talks to Regal about getting a rematch with Asuka in Brooklyn, and Regal says he’ll draw the papers up. Kota Ibushi faces Buddy Murphy, and TM61 faces a pair of jobbers next. They take a jobber down with some slick double teams and hit the standing moonsault/ fistdrop combo. Miller avoids a kick and hits a lariat before hitting a sloppy spinebuster. Thunder Valley hits for the win. We get a recap of the No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries feud, and see an Itami recap video hyping his return next week.

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No Way Jose comes out to face Steve Cutler, who has no chance and gets squashed with the pitching punch and the spinning full nelson slam. Jose has a great set of crazy eyes and cuts an intense promo about turning a fiesta into a fight and making Aries turn into a coward. Ibushi is out to face Murphy, who avoids a high kick but eats a dropkick. Murphy gets a chinlock and lands a nice kick. Ibushi responds with a better kick, a German and it only gets 2! Murphy hits a buckle flatliner for 2, but eats a sitout last ride for the win. This was short, but really fun.

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Joe chats with an interviewer about facing Nakamura for the title and says “the level of disrespect I get here is getting to be a bit much”. Bobby Roode debuts next week, and Joe comes out to insult Nakamura. He calls him a pretender and someone who isn’t deserving of a shot. Regal comes out and says he is the GM and his decisions are final – you will fight who I want and you will fight him. Joe says he had to beat everyone to get a shot, and Nakamura hasn’t done that – but he will get Regal a chance to correct this disrespect. Joe is on fire here about being passive aggressive, and Regal tells him that if he doesn’t want to wrestle, then he will allow him to forfeit the title and face Nakamura for the title. “I am going to hand you nothing!” Joe gives him the match and says this will be the biggest mistake Regal ever mistakes. Nakamura comes down and dances a bit next to Regal before staring down with Joe while dancing and on the apron. This was all outstanding, which is good given how filler-filled the matches were.

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