SCOOP: DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: First Look At DC Rebirth Colored, Final & High Res DC Universe Rebirth #1 (4th) Print Cover By Ethan Van Sciver Unveiled! Joker, Batman & Out August 3, 2016!

We’ve been following the reprint and variant cover parade for mega-hot and mega-hot DC Universe Rebirth #1!

DC Comics Rebirth spoilers follow!

The final and colored fourth print (4th print) for DC Universe Rebirth #1 cover has been revealed. Its done by artist Ethan Van Sciver; the pencils for the cover are here and equally gorgeous.

DC Universe Rebirth #1 fourt print EVS

Wally West, Kid Flash, with Batman and the three (3) Jokers?!

Retailers were the first to get a look at the cover during SDCC 2016 during Diamond’s Retailers Lunch. The cover was shown on a slide presentation as part of DC Comics “Thank You” to retailers for the success of DC Universe Rebirth #1. The above cover is a high-res version of that fourth print (4th print) cover.

The other five (5) versions, variants and prints of DC Universe Rebirth #1 are available here.

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