The TRA Open Standings – Post WWE Battleground 2016 PPV

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WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! Congrats to Scott Clark for pulling into 1st.

In 2nd we have a tie between the former front-runner Widro and the rapidly advancing James Sawyer!

Tied for 3rd is myself and Joel from Classy Ring Attire, and MeccaRabbi!




Also, the highest score last night went to Scott Clark, James Sawyer, Sebastian Howard, Joel Leonard and myself who all scored 8 points! A draw will be determined to see who gets that gift card… I’ll take myself out of the running for that one so that one of you guys can get it and I will post the results in the comments. (Plus I don’t buy wrestling stuff.)


Thanks everyone for playing! 33 people and with more points for matches, it’s easier to catch up and should make this even more interesting.

See everyone for Money In The Bank!

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