WWE Cruiserweight Classic 7-27-16 (Zack Sabre. Jr vs. Tyson Dux, Kendrick Returns)


Tonight’s card is run down in a video package, and Mauro brings us our first match – Tyson Dux vs. Zack Sabre Jr. Tyson talks about popping his ACL in WWE years ago against Jindrak and he says this is his chance to finally make it in WWE. ZSJ says he grew up watching Jericho and Eddie Geurrero and he says Harry Potter isn’t the only wizard in England. ZSJ gets a dubstep theme and is treated like a star by the fans. Tyson Dux gets a minor pop and Mauro says that he knows at 38, it could be his last chance to make an impact.¬† They shake and a big Sabre Jr. chant breaks out.


ZSJ outwrestles him on the mat, but Dux spins through and reverses. Fireman’s carry by Dux gets booed. Dux gets a cravate, and ZSJ counters in a way that makes Bryan Danielson mark out. ZSJ gets the Jim Breaks Special, but Dux recovers and chops him. Dux hits a fisherman’s buster for 2. Crucifix gets 2 for ZSJ, but Dux recovers and gets a sliding D for 2. Big DDT get 2 for Dux and goes for a cloverleaf, but ZSJ counters into the bridge for 2. ZSJ backpacks him and turns it into a back-bending Kimura before getting an Omaplata before ZSJ wrenches on the fingers to win. This was a blast – it is amazing to see World of Sport-style stuff live on in WWE.


Harv Shira faces¬† Drew Gulak next. Harv’s gear is outstanding and Mauro talks about meeting Bryan in the same company that Shira is a star in now in BC. Gulak gets 2 off a small package, while Shira gets 1 off a sunset flip. Shira lands some mounted punches and we hear Mauro talk about the sacrifices Shira father made to ensure that his boys had a better life. Gulak goes up top and gets caught with a superplex. Gulak locks on a dragon sleeper with a bodyscissors and wins it.


Wee see some of Bennett’s hype video, with his weigh-in. Bennett’s double shades look great while Nese is put over as an angry veteran. Nese takes him down and tries to bully him, but Bennett outfoxes him. Nese ducks a lariat with a nipup and and legsweeps him for 1. Nese superkicks him hard, but eats a cannonball off the apron. Nese hits a hotshot and an outside-in triangle moonsault for 2. Nese locks on a bodyscissors and hits a pumphandle powerslam. The ref checks on Bennett, allowing Nese to hit a 450 to win.


Raul Mendoz talks about being inspired by Eddie Guerrero, while Kendrick says this is his second chance to truly live. He says he had the world in his hands before, but he let it slip through his grasp. Kendrick has his “Man with a Plan” theme here, which really is fantastic. Bryan talks about having his first match against him in a rodeo in Texas and now 17 years later, Kendrick is still competing at a high level. Kendrick eats a rana and Mendoza shows off with a backflip. Bryan talks about how Kendrick sees himself as in his prime and not older, while Mendoza locks on a wacky lucha legbar.


Lucha cradle gets 2 for Mendoza. Mendoza’s mouth is split open and the ref checks on it and Kendrick hammers the jaw again with a lariat. Mendoza chops him and hits a springboard dropkick sending Kendrick to the floor, where he lands a corkscrew plancha. Mendoza hits a coast to coast tree of woe dropkick and a backbreaker gets 2 because Kendrick gets his foot on the rope! Wow! Kendrick locks on the bully choke to win. ZSJ impressed tonight, while Kendrick played the role of bully veteran perfectly – not as spectacular a show as last week though.

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