WWE New Era Ratings War Spoilers: Who Won The Week? WWE Raw July 25, 2016 Or WWE Smackdown Live July 26, 2016?

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Spoilers follow.

It is being reported that WWE Raw July 25, 2016 edition beat WWE Smackdown Live July 26, 2016 edition by almost 20%, but that Smackdown Live is still doing better in its Tuesday slot than it did in its Thursday slot.

    …WWE Smackdown Live on USA Network drew a 1.92 rating and viewership of 2.743 million viewers. This is down from last week’s 2.20 rating and down 447,000 viewers. As Corey Graves said on Raw, Smackdown last week had the benefit of hosting the live draft and featuring all of the now Raw-exclusive wrestlers. Raw drew a 2.36 rating on Monday night, so the new “ratings battle” kicks off with Raw with a 19 percent lead over Smackdown.”

Two shows that led to two unexpected main events with Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler joining Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship match and Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Championship match in the red and blue brands’ respective Summer Slam main events. WOW. Week two should be interesting in the building po to Summerslam 2016!

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for WWE Raw's WWE Universal Championship

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose for WWE Smackdown Live WWE Championship

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