DC Comics Rebirth Nightwing #1 Spoilers & Review: Who Killed Batman’s Brother The Owlman & Who Has The Court Of Owls Sent After Dick Grayson?

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Nightwing #1 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers 1

Nightwing #1 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers 2

The Court of Owls send a big bad after Nightwing!

Spoilers and review for DC Comics Rebirth’s Nightwing #1 follow.

The Court of Owls have sent Raptor after Nightwing after he killed Owlman, from the New 52 Batman’s initial run, who was Batman / Bruce Wayne’s brother!

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He wants to build a better Nightwing who has duped, seemingly, the Court of Owls to let them believe he’s on their side; they have always coveted Dick Grayson for their ranks.

Nightwing #1 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers 4

Could Nightwing be out-manned and…

Nightwing #1 DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers 5

…outclassed by Raptor?

Nightwing #1 DC CComics Rebirth Spoilers 6

Sure looks pain will open Nightwing #2!


I wasn’t expecting to pick this book up at all, but the one-shot intrigued me and I’m a sucker for the Court of Owls. Solid story and frenetic and eery art. I’m sold… for at least the opening arc!

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