PREVIEWS Roundtable – October 2016 Solicitations – Featuring More of DC’s Rebirth, Civil War II Continues, Image’s Moonshine & Reborn Plus Much More!

Oct 2016 preview rountable

Phil Allen


Only a few new series I’m getting this month: thanks to the second arc of the last Batman Beyond series, I’m looking forward to this new one. I’m also excited for the new Teen Titans featuring Damian Wayne; it worked out so great last time, right? Next in line for their 75th anniversary is Wonder Woman, celebrating with a special 80-page issue from many legendary creators! I hadn’t heard about the Deadman series before today, so that shot right up to the top of my list! As for collected editions, the DC/Dark Horse Justice League Vol. 1 looks interesting.


The recent Ms. Marvel issues have me interested in the new Champions series, especially if it’s from Mark Waid. Brian Michael Bendis is bringing back Jessica Jones, which will be my first series for her.


Being the big Azzarello/Risso fan that I am, how can I possibly miss Moonshine? Fresh off his now-legendary Batman run, Greg Capullo joins Mark Millar for Reborn. Shutter returns for the final act, and it’s going to be tough waiting after reading that last issue, amiright? Otherwise, business as usual.


IDW is celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary with Go Boldly, and there’s a new Dirk Gently series, The Salmon of Doubt. Steve Niles and Damien Worm reunite for October Faction: Deadly Season, just in time as the flagship series ended just this week. They’re also starting to release Richard Stark’s Parker (adapted and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke) in paperback, so I’ll be collecting those ASAP.

James Fulton:

Dark Horse:

My favourite Joss Whedon property has always been Firefly, so I’m pretty pleased to see a new Serenity miniseries launching, even though I don’t agree with all of the directions the property has taken since leaving TV, including the movie…


Both of the new Young Animal titles, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye and Shade, the Changing Girl, are intriguing. I love Marley Zarcone’s art, so Shade is more likely to make it onto the pull file. With Michael Avon Oeming on Cave Carson, I’d be worried that the book will be late a lot.

    I’m very happy to see that Steve Orlando is coming back to Midnighter and Apollo for a new six-issue series. The solo Midnighter book was amazing, so this should be good.


A new book by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso set during Prohibition? Moonshine goes on the pull-file for sure. This title appearing here further proves that Image is the new Vertigo, among other things.

    I’m not a huge Greg Capello fan, but having him draw a new series for Mark Millar in Reborn has me interested. Millar’s stuff never overwhelms, but it always satisfies.

    I’m happy to see No Mercy returning from hiatus. I also see that Simon Roy’s Habitat (originally serialized in Island) is being printed as a $10 trade. This Aztec-inflected science fiction adventure is brilliant.


So I guess it’s time for Marvel to relaunch a ton of titles, and I am tired of the constant cycling of things. I’d much rather read a book that develops over a year or two, but I guess that’s not conducive to the comics web news cycle or something…


    Jessica Jones – I loved Alias, but times have changed, and Jessica’s become more involved in the Marvel Universe since then. I’m not sure if this book still works, but I’ll give it an arc.


    Infamous Iron Man – I’ve been lukewarm on International Iron Man, but hate the fact that it’s ending so that Doom can wear the armour, or whatever this is.
    Cage – I think this is a trade wait for me.


    Champions – I haven’t liked ANAD Avengers, so despite being interested by the character lineup (Viv Vision?), I’m not bothering.
    Prowler – If this weren’t tied in to Clone Conspiracy, and had a more prominent writer…
    Great Lakes Avengers
    Doctor Strange & The Sorcerers Supreme – A second Dr. Strange book? I love the Aaron and Bachalo run, but this is not by them.
    Death of X – Is that really the title, or is this the algebraic x and we are going to see it replaced with a character name when it comes out? Either way, I sadly no longer care very much.

And Civil War II is still going in October? How weird that they buried it in the middle of their Previews book this month. I guess Marvel has moved on.

Civil War II: The Oath – If this weren’t written by Nick Spencer, I wouldn’t be going near it.

I’m sad to see that both Astonishing Ant-Man and Vision are ending this month; they’ve both been excellent comics. Vision might be the best thing Marvel has published in years.

James Stokoe and Francisco Francavilla are drawing Moon Knight #7? That is incredible news. This is officially my most anticipated book of October.


Warren Ellis is writing a title called Shipwreck with Phil Hester drawing. Sold.

Black Mask:

The Skeptics, a book about kids who fake having superpowers in the 1960s, sounds interesting. Black Mask rarely lets me down.

John Babos

Depending on how my iffy picks go, I’ll be averaging about at least 9 books a week in October.

DC Comics

    My expected and continuing regular ongoing twice monthly reads are Action Comics with Superman, Deathstroke, Green Arrow and Suicide Squad.

    I wasn’t expecting to read Detective Comics twice monthly, but this Batman team book is so good on story and art I’m happy. I was only expecting to read Action Comics for Superman and then get the monthly Trinity book, which features Superman, Batman and Superman, and launches monthly in October, but it also looks like Action and TEC are on my list.

    I’m iffy on Nightwing twice monthly. I’m not a fan of this new “Night of the Monster Men” cross-over among the Batman Family titles. I will only be getting the books I read regularly, not all parts of this x-over. Not sure if’ll be with Dick Grayson beyond its initial Court of Owls arc. That said, if the Court of Owls is an ongoing feature of the series, I may stick around.

    I’m also iffy on Green Lanterns as a continuing twice monthly read, but I’ll give it at least till end of September to see if it is compelling to read regularly. So far, its been mixed.

    A other monthly reads included Batman Beyond that launches in October plus New Super-Man, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Superwoman, Teen Titans and the Titans.

    I’m not reading The Flash regularly, but I will pick up issue #9 as it looks to continue on from DC Universe Rebirth #1 and is a done-in-one “Kid Flash of Two Worlds” tale.

    Curious what will happen to Earth 2: Society which I still read. It’s October solicit sounds like the end, but it isn’t revealed as a final issue. DC does have Justice Society plans for “prime Earth” as a result of Rebirth that seemingly doesn’t involve the Earth 2 cohort.

    Two mini-series launch, within the DC Rebirth sphere, which are Vigilante: Southland plus Hawkman & Adam Strange: Out of Time #1. I’m a long-time fan of Vigilante and Hawkman so curious about the new man under the V mask and curious where DC takes Hawkman.

    Also picking up the Suicide Squad: Most Wanted mini-series.

    Am also all-in for DC Young Animal’s Doom Patrol. Issue #2 launches in October and I hope the books lives up the hype/
    Doom Patrol #2.

    Finally, as a long-time Thundercats, Silverhawks and Tigersharks fan, I’m intrigued by the He-Man / Thundercats mini that launches in October. The recent 2011 Thundercats cartoon was great and, to my chagrin, the mid-1980’s Thundercats don’t stand the test of time, but that is the iteration that the 1980’s inspired He-Man teams with or is in conflict with for this mini. I’m iffy on this one.


    What prevents me from getting more Marvel books is their $3.99 price point. I don’t mind DC’s $2.99 and I think that is appropriate for ongoing series from the Big Two in this economy. I “may” pay $3.99 for a mini-series from the Big Two, but if they hope the mini leads to an ongoing series $2.99 is the safer bet to get more people to sample the mini.

    I will pay $3.99 for other publishers, but I feel the Big Two has huge parent companies with deep pockets so anything beyond $2.99 for an ongoing series is gouging.

    All that said, I do have a few $3.99 books from Marvel on my October reading list which are Prowler which launches as part of Marvel Now 2016. I’m a long-time fan of Hobie Brown so am curious how this ongoing series will be. I’ll at least try the first issue of Solo also part of the post Civil War II Marvel Now 2016 publishing initiative.

    These books join Squadron Supreme and Thunderbolts on my monthly Marvel reads.


    Rough Riders continues to be a fun and action-packed alternate steam-punk past series with a compelling story of a team lead by Teddy Roosevelt beautifully rendered.


    A & A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong, Bloodshot Reborn, Ninjak and Wrath of the Eternal Warrior continue to be solid monthly reads for me. Compelling in their own ways, action-packed and solid art.

    Still wish the third brother Anni-Padda, Ivar The Timewalker, would still have a series along side his brothers Armstrong and Gilad The Eternal Warrior.

    However, Valiant does bouble down on Bloodshot launching the Bloodshot U.S.A. mini-series. Curious how that will be.

What are YOU excited about comic book publishers for October 2016?

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