Ric Flair on Charlotte’s Draft Position, WWE Concussions, Brock Lesnar Steroid Situation

Ric Flair in Shades
During the latest episode of The Ric Flair Show (transcript credit wrestlinginc.com ), the Nature Boy spoke about Brock Lesnar’s recent USADA test failure, the concussion lawsuit against WWE and more. Here are highlights:

On Charlotte being drafted third overall: “Until [co-host Conrad Thompson] brought this up, I wasn’t even aware of that. That’s awesome! I was just so thrilled that she was drafted so high. I mean, being the first woman drafted, as [Thompson] acknowledged on a text to me. And then, of course, we put out a Twitter that she was number three chosen overall and I thought it was fabulous. It speaks volumes for the respect she has built amongst her peers.”

On the concussion lawsuit against WWE: “I think it’s bad for the image of the company and I don’t think it’s good, personally, for the image of the individuals doing it.” Flair professed, “I think it’s unrealistic. I feel bad. And I’m saying this out loud, I feel bad for the guys that are doing this because we’ve all put ourselves on the line. That’s what we did for a living. Nobody twisted our arm. Does that make sense? So it was something we did and it’s something that happens and I just think that sometimes hard times can cause you to make bad decisions.”

On if Brock needs PEDs to be a star: “After watching that [fight at UFC 200], I don’t care what anybody was on. Brock Lesnar dominated [Mark Hunt]. It’s like people talking about PEDs with baseball players, right? I promise you, they do not help hand/eye coordination. If you hit the ball, it might go farther, but there’s nothing you can put in the needle and inject in your body that’s going to make your hand/eye coordination [better]. I could take steroids for 150 years and not hit a 100 mile [an hour] fastball. If anything, over the years, PEDs were used for appearance sakes and God knows I have some huge cosmetic issues. I should have been on it forever. But I can tell you this: this in no way, shape, or form makes Brock Lesnar a star. Does that make sense? I mean, he’s a huge, huge player there.”