WWE NXT 8/3/16 Recap (Roode Debuts and Itami Returns)


Itami returns to a nice “welcome back” chant and a huge cover on his left arm. Sean Maluta from the CWC is back to face him. Itami hits hard strikes, but Maluta hits a second rope codebreaker for 2. Itami’s scarring and deformation are nasty – it really looks like he came back too early. Maluta hits round kicks to Itami, which seems a bit like tugging on Superman’s cape. Yup. Stiff lariats send Maluta down before a dragon screw and a corner high kick. Hesitation dropkick leads to the running knee strike for the win. American Alpha’s end in NXT is recapped and Dash and Dawson brag about beating them and proving that they are the best team on the planet. TM61 comes in and says they’ve challenged the best on the planet and that’s why they’re here – they want a title shot. Ciampa and Gargano come in and want a shot, but the champs are cowards and say they already promised TM61 a shot, so bye.


Mojo hits a pounce and destroys a jobber, but Joe jumps in and beats up Mojo and the opponent. He says he will destroy Nakamura because he is Samoa Joe, and then Mojo runs wild a bit before getting choked out. Bayley talks about being pushed to breaking points and now she needs to prepare for Asuka better and is watching her matches to take the title back. Asuka tells her if she thinks she’s ready, watch her match. TM61 faces The Revival tonight in a non-title match. Bayley comes out to do commentary for Aliyah vs. Asuka.


Asuka has added fur and a cocky strut to her intro – so she’s kind of heelish now, but not a heel. Asuka stares at Bayley, who goes off the mic to stand at ringside and watch as Asuka stiffly kicks Aliyah everywhere. Asuka hits a flying hip attack and then three grounded ones while one fan boos. Octopus hold in the ropes by Asuka. Hip attack to the back leads to Aliyah countering a charge with a boot and hopping off, but eating a kick. Asuka picks her up at 2 to knee her to bits. Asuka lock leads to the win while a fan yells “somebody stop the pain!”. Asuka holds it on after the match, firmly establishing her as the heel for at least this feud. We get a recap of Oney Lorkin beating Tye and see his interview after the match saying he needs to back to his roots. Bobby Roode debuts next.


Roode comes out to his new “Glorious!” theme, which is hilariously goofy. As expected, Roode’s snazzy suit getup from TNA works fine as a major league WWE act too. Roode says that he is now in NXT and talks about being in Dallas and seeing that show in the front row. He says that seeing the fans, seeing the passion, and being in an arena with 100,000 fans sold him on NXT. He says no brand has revolutionized wrestling like NXT has and that while he is NXT, so is every fan. In order for NXT to be taken to the next level, it needs Bobby Roode and the fans need Bobby Roode too. He says that being in NXT means that he will one day be on billboards and take NXT to the next level. And to it, he will take the brand to wall street and away from these stupid fans with their ripped jeans and ratty t-shirts. So he’s basically promising to be Vince of the early ’80s – out with the old fans and in with the new fans. He brags about wearing custom suits, expensive clothing and whether you like it or not, there’s never been anyone as glorious as Bobby Roode. From this moment forward, NXT will be GLORIOUS!


TM61 comes down to face The Revival in the main event. Dawson outwrestles Nick Miller on the mat to start. Shane tags in and then tags out and Miller gets 2. The moonsault/fistdrop combo gets 2. Dawson hits Thorne with a sick forearm before tagging in Dash, who eats a dropkick and then Dawson. Double backdrops to the heels for an ad break. Dash works on the arm with a shoulderbar before Dawson hits a huge snap dropkick for 2. Arm puller by Dawson leads to the fans clapping for TM61. Dawson’s flying nothing leads to boots going up, but he grabs them and then gets shoved into the buckle for a double-tag. Miller runs wild with back suplexes. An O’Connor roll gets 2 and then a spinebuster gets 2 for him as well. Dash runs in and Dawson lands a DDT for the win – vintage Arn Anderson finish there. Revival cuts a heel promo before Ciampa and Gargano make childish insults about them. A brawl broke out and Dash eats the kick and knee combo, count their own pin and hold the belts high.


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