SDCC 2016 Exclusives Go Live on August 9th!

Hey SDCC Toy Fans! Want those hard to get Hasbro Toy Shop exclusives? They’ll be live tomorrow exclusively on!  Check out the info and images below and good hunting!

Although subject to change, we are planning on having the Convention Exclusives available to order on Tuesday, August 9th. The product will be located in the EXCLUSIVES category. No phone orders will be accepted. All Convention Exclusives are excluded from any promotions and discounts.

I can tell you first hand that these are some amazing figures this year. From a GIANT Fortress Maximus to an amazing homage of Soundwave in tablet form, these SDCC figures do not disappoint!

Check back later this week and into next for a few reviews on the Titan Force, Soundwave, and Micronauts! Here’s a little info on each before you get to read my thoughts:

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $74.99/ Available at on August 9)
SENTINEL PRIME has plans to return Cybertron to glory, and he’ll use whatever force is necessary to achieve it. The TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS TITANS RETURN Titan Force Set allows fans to bring the battle to life. The set features a Voyager Class SENTINEL PRIME figure, DELUXE CLASS BRAINSTORM and WINDBLADE figures, as well as 2 TITAN MASTER figures – AUTOBOT TESLOR and AUTOBOT INFINITUS. Unite the figures together and power up for battle! Fans can also bring the action up a notch by combining the TITAN MASTER figures with the DELUXE CLASS, VOYAGER CLASS or LEADER CLASS Titans Return figures (each sold separately). The Triple Changer SENTINEL PRIME figure can morph between robot, space jet and train modes, with the BRAINSTORM figure converting from robot to CYBERTRONIAN jet fighter, WINDBLADE converting from robot to VTOL jet and Titan Master figures converting from robot to head.

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available at on August 9)
Explore the wonders of Microspace! The MICRONAUTS CLASSIC COLLECTION Set is a vintage homage to the classic science fiction action figures originally sold between 1976 and 1980. Takara produced the original toys upon which Micronauts was based and were able to retrieve some of their original tools to help in the creation of this tribute set. Veteran paint artist Ken Kelly, who created some of the most memorable packaging art for the original MICRONAUTS toys, designed the bold artwork for this set. Featuring countless points of articulation and interchangeable parts, this limited-edition set contains classic freedom fighters including GALACTIC WARRIOR and PHAROID along with ORBITAL DEFENDER for an out-of-this-world playtime experience. Adding to the excitement, IDW will be producing a convention-only alternate cover to their MICRONAUTS comic utilizing the new product artwork from Ken Kelly.

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/ Available at on August 9)
TRANSFORMERS continue to push the boundaries in MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE with the introduction of the SOUNDWAVE Tablet, available at 2016 San Diego Comic Con. One of TRANSFORMERS most iconic Decepticons, SOUNDWAVE, comes to life from what appears to be an ordinary mobile tablet. With a few clicks and twists, this seemingly ordinary tablet converts into the extraordinary Decepticon SOUNDWAVE, capable of detecting and jamming Autobot transmissions across the entire energy spectrum.


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