Johnny Mundo on Vince McMahon and WWE’s Radar, Set to Compete in TripleMania


Johnny Mundo LU S2 E18

Will we see John Morrison drafted to one of WWE’s brands? Perhaps. Several sources are reporting that WWE executives and Vince McMahon are interested in acquiring the ripped luchador in the near future. This rumor makes sense, considering that the company is interested in bringing back numerous former workers. We’ve already seen Rhyno and Jinder Mahal, plus the canceled announcement of Shelton Benjamin. Anything’s possible, right?

Of course, Mundo is currently signed to Lucha Underground, so WWE would have to work around their deal before considering approaching Mundo.

While Mundo didn’t leave WWE on bad terms, it’s pretty unknown whether or not he actually desires returning. He’s taken some cheap shots on talent such as Roman Reigns, and he’s also pretty over in AAA and Lucha Underground. WWE’s offer would have to be pretty amazing, considering his success since leaving, which also includes independent shows and filming movies.

He also has a match with Pentagon Jr. coming up at the next TripleMania, which is a match for the Latin American title, according to several sources.

Photo credit: Lucha Underground

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