TNA Impact Wrestling 8/11/16 Recap (Sandow Debuts and Lashley vs. Storm for All the Gold)


Tonight is a rare (almost) live Impact from the Impact Zone. We get an impossible to follow recap of the BFG Playoffs because every clip only last two seconds, Josh is yelling over everything, and they put brackets all on the clips – which we didn’t actually get before the tournament anyway. Why wait until after the tourney to do brackets? Storm says that a superkick changed his life because now, he has a chance to hold the World Title that he hasn’t held in five years. Pope says that the King of the Mountain Title is one of the three most important titles in all of sports. And to think this guy has zero credibility. EC3 comes down and gets a fairly big EC3 champ and then says “yeah” and gets a “next world champ” chant as well.

EC3 comes off like the biggest star in the company. EC3 says he wants a moment of perfection, and he’s on a quest to be the best, and he’ll show that winning the World Title at BFG. Lashley says he is the best and he has two titles to prove it. EC3 says Lashley is the most dominant athlete in sports, entertainment, and wrestling. Lashley says he has evolved and is better than everyone, leading to Storm coming out. Storm debuts a new Drink Storm Drink shirt and says that EC3 has done a lot, but gets much of his promo affected by an awful audio setup.


Lashley and Storm brawl up the ramp while EC3 and the mid-card Miracle Mike Bennett brawl. Moose jumps EC3, but Eddie Edwards makes a save. This show is way too cluttered with just stuff happening – nothing has a chance to breathe or mean anything. Eddie says that their match is scheduled for later tonight, but since everyone wants to fight, they should just do it tonight. Okay, who decided that with EC3 in the ring, EDDIE EDWARDS should be cutting this promo? A brawl breaks out and the match is after the break.

EC3 chops away at Bennett while Pope talks about how this tag match could main event anywhere in the planet. Eddie lands a nasty chop to the chest on Bennett in the corner. EC3 and Eddie suplex Bennett and EC3 gets 2. Pope calls Bennett a breakout star and the rookie of the year. Moose comes in and has some fast chop action with Eddie. Moose hits the Okada dropkick and sends Eddie to the floor.

Moose stomps Eddie, who fights back with chops and then DDTs Moose off a spinebuster attempt. EC3 comes in and hits elbows and lariats. EC3 lands a pair of stinger splashes and flapjacks Bennett onto Moose. Eddie tags in and low-bridges Moose and then EC3 and Eddie do the Wolves’ double dive. EC3 puts Moose up top and Eddie kicks him before going for a rana off the top and hits it for 2 because Bennett made the save. Josh says the newest member of the roster debuts next.  Go to Hell hits and the heels win because Bennett steals the pin. Okay, so your team still won the nothing tag match – get over it, Moose. Also, TNA is teasing another breakup of a team after a few weeks. The Damien Sandow hype video that hit Youtube yesterday airs.

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The Matt Hardy BFG hype video airs. We see Storm beating Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Title in 2011 – amazing how they had something so special and squandered it. Storm says the doesn’t moan – he picks his ass up, goes to the gym and tries even harder. He has been a wrestler for 20 years to get into the shape of his life, and he’s doing it for himself, his family, and the people who believed in him. This was fantastic! “Hallelujah!” hits and then transitions into a rock song for the debuting Damiem Sandow, who gets a fancy lighting intro. Aron Rex is his new name, and Josh Mathews brings up names like Cody Rhodes, Ryan Reeves, and Stu Bennett being on the free agent market.


Rex says he won’t talk about glass ceilings and brass rings, he will tell the truth. He says this isn’t about his former employer, it’s about what he has put first – the paying customer. Something TNA has none of because they are in a theme park. Rex cuts a promo on “any authority figure or COO” that every wrestlers has always worked for the paying customer. He says that TNA is where a talent can pass or fail based on their talent and he hypes up Lashley, Galloway, and Brother Nero. The fans chant “you’re a genius” and he says he’s never tested his IQ and that was just an act. He says he will do things his way and change the landscape and change the template of pro wrestling.  Well, Sandow needed to distance himself from every WWE act he did that screamed mid-carder and did so.  He says he is going to keep it real and he’s gone by many names – but he is now Aron Rex.

Maria harps on Allie about getting her upcoming coffee order right, and Gail tells Allie to not take this anymore. Great – another pairing teasing a breakup. Maria makes a one on one match, which terrifies Allie until Marti jumps Gail with the baton and it’s revealed Marti faces Gail in a No DQ match next. Backstage, Eddie Edwards cuts a promo on Bennett and Moose for costing him tonight. Eddie wants himself vs. Bennett next week, but he’ll get Moose instead.


Marti and Gail come down and brawl a bit. Allie rakes Gail’s back and Marti jumps her. Then the bell rings. It’s no DQ, why not just ring the bell earlier? Josh plugs the Fight Network app while Marti stomps a mudhole in Gail. Josh talks about Twitter buzzing about Aron Rex and Marti kicks Gail to the floor. Marti avoids Eat Defeat and they hit each other with forearms. Gail hits a really sloppy blockbuster and lands awkwardly to get 2. Maria gives Allie the billy club and she doesn’t want to. She comes in, gets tossed into Marti and Marti is pinned with a small package.

Jade runs in for a save and misses a kick to Marti, but gets the second one and then Allie shoves her. Maria makes Jade vs. Gail for next week. Matt has Vanguard One take him to Brother Nero and asks him why he is near this watering hole. Matt tells him that they will win the tag team titles because he had a premonition before telling Vanguard One to protect Reby and King Maxel with his life. It is time for them to go to the Zone of Impact and win the tag titles.


We see Storm enjoying his truck and talking about how he grew up poor with his mother raising three kids on her own. Storm says that so many are lost for words winning the World Title, but he had it easy – he just called his mom and that made it worth more than any title. He goes to the graves of his father and grandmother and wishes they were there for it, but he’ll do it again and he’ll do it for anyone who believed in him for the last 20 years. They are doing an amazing job of making him a World title-level guy in one night again. Josh runs down next week’s four-team ladder match to get a tag title shot.

Matt Hardy comes down and Josh talks about how Matt feels he has magical powers. Matt says he will eat you and delete you. Matt recaps the story told in the car because the fans didn’t see it. Matt brings Nero down and does the “Obsolete” bit since Reby is in NC. Jeff asks Matt why he bit part of a man’s face and Matt says that ants don’t get to touch GODS! Jeff tells Matt that he needs to work because he can’t do it all on his own. Jeff says the fans don’t want to see Broken Matt or Brother Nero – they want the Hardys.


Al Snow brings The Tribunal down to the ring and cuts a cheap heel promo about the fans. Jeff calls the Tribunal and Al a bunch of asses and it’s time for a handicap match/tag match. Jeff lands a double lariat for an ad break. Okay, it’s officially a tag match with the Hardys against the Tribunal, and not a handicap match. Matt tells the pro-Jeff fans that they are obsolete. Josh keeps talking about Matt biting a fan. Why wasn’t this shown again here, and why wasn’t Matt suspended? Matt threatens to delete a fan and he tears up his “Jeff Hardy is Not Obsolete” sign before Matt bites Al. Matt beats up Baron Dax with his boot on the floor. Twist hits Baraka and the Hardys win.  Jeff snaps and hits a series of Twists of Fate on all of the Tribunal – including Coach Snow. Jeff hits another one on Snow on the floor and puts him on a table before splashing him through the table on the floor. Jeff tells Matt that only he can hurt himself, and he swantons himself through a table off the top to the floor through a table before saying “I AM BROTHER NERO!”

Lashley talks to the powers of TNA – Dixie and The Rock God Billy Corgan about Storm getting video package while Billy says that they gave him the same offer, and turned them down. Lashley says he’ll hold all the gold and the power. Decay cuts a promo with lights flickering about Bram while Abyss talks about Decay making him feel beautiful while Steve is glad that he finally has a voice. And then they all say “decay” a bunch and cackle.


Drew Galloway comes down and Josh plugs their ProWrestlingTees storefront and Drew says he hasn’t been on TV because if he acted on his feelings, he would go straight to jail. Drew says he was the first traveling World Champion since Ric Flair and he got his rematch – but SOMEBODY cost him the match. He blames EC3 for losing every rematch and he calls him a snake in the grass. He wants EC3 next week and the winner goes on to BFG.

Storm says that Lashley is like all the doubters in school who told him he couldn’t graduate, that he couldn’t wrestle, and that he couldn’t beat an Olympic gold medalist for the World Title. Next week’s card is run down with the Ascension to Hell 4 way ladder match, Gail vs. Jade, and Edwards vs. Moose. Storm comes down in a new leather jacket, white boots, white kneepads, and trunks.


Lashley jumps Storm during the ring introductions by JB. Storm hits a Last Call, but only gets 2. Storm dominates on the floor while Josh talks about the guys that have held the TNA World Title, including men like Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy, and Chris Sabin. Storm brawls more on the floor with Lashley and they go to a break. After the break, Lashley dominates with a nerve hold. “He’s like a shark! He’s not like any kind of shark! HE’S A GREAT WHITE SHARK, DADDY!” Pope is…something. Lashley hits a tilt a whirl.

Lashley chokes him with his ankle before crossfacing him against the ropes. Lashley gets 2 off a floatover swinging neckbreaker. Lashley lands a series of shoulderblocks in the corner before crawling on the mat to hit lower ones. Storm avoids the spear with a Calf Wrangler. Storm hits the apron kick, but he eats a crossbody from Lashley for 2. Storm blocks a lariat and hits a backstabber and then gets a very slow whirly bird for 2. Lashley avoids an O’Connor roll by pulling off the turnbuckle pad, pushing Storm in and hitting a spinebuster. The spear hits and it only gets 2! Lashley rearranges his headband and tells Storm to stay down. Storm headbutts him and hits 2 superkicks to get 2! Lashley hits another spear and wins the King of the Mountain Title and now holds all three male singles titles in TNA at the same time – the first in TNA history to do so. The sight of Lashley with all the gold is impressive, and then Aron Rex comes out on the ramp.

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