Worth It: The Night Dean Ambrose Almost Tased Me

It wasn’t a taser, actually, but a stun gun and he was waving it right in my face. Click, click, buzz buzz . . . I actually thought he might get me accidentally – or maybe on purpose. I didn’t know him, but knew of his reputation as a loose cannon.

It was late 2005 and emotions were at a peak. The NWF’s Chad Allegra and Roger Ruffen had just “invaded” the HWA the week before.  And now it was HWA’s turn as Cody Hawk, Brock Guffman, and Jon Moxley – who would later become WWE’s Dean Ambrose – paid an unannounced visit to BoneKrushers.

I knew they were coming.  In fact, I met them outside the building and talked with them – specifically Brock, who would handle the talking – about what was about to happen.  He was calm and I was a little worried because I didn’t know what he planned to say.  This could be very good or very very bad.

Finally it was go-time.  I ran out to the ring area and yelled for security to come. They ran out to help me and we busted back in through the curtain “holding back” the HWA crew.  The crowd was electric and that’s when I noticed that Moxley had electricity of his own; he was holding a stun gun in his hand.

I stepped back a couple healthy feet.  Let’s just say “The Lunatic Fringe” gimmick is an appropriate one.

A video capture of Jon Moxley, now knows as Dean Ambrose, waving a stun gun inches from my face

A video capture of Jon Moxley, now knows as Dean Ambrose, waving a stun gun inches from my face

Don’t get me wrong, Ambrose was always professional and respectful.  But there’s something about him that just a little off.  It’s what makes him a genius and it’s probably what’s caused him to be so successful in the WWE.

The NWF vs. HWA angle was the hottest thing Cincinnati wrestling had ever seen.  I had the honor of doing commentary on the Chad Allegra vs. Cody Hawk match in Fairfield, Ohio that featured a Jon Moxley run in.  He would come back to work for the NWF in 2007 having a great feud with Ice, a bunch of matches with the Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings, and always worked very hard in the ring.

It’s good to see him having such success in WWE.  But I’ll always maintain a healthy distance . . . just in case he’s still carrying that stun gun.



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