Matt Hardy on Final Deletion, TNA, Vince McMahon – “I can tell you this: my broken universe, Mr. McMahon, would be terrified of it”

Matt Hardy - Hair


Matt Hardy appeared on Talk is Jericho in character for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On the potential for more matches in the vein of Final Deletion: “I am going to take my broken universe in that direction more for sure. You cannot have every match, obviously, in that setting, in that circumstance. That is not wise. It is just time to change wrestling from, especially when I talk about the Impact Wrestling, the TNA universe, when I address it, it has to change. It has been stale. It has not had an identity. It has been directionless. But I have given it an identity. And this Dixie Carter and this John Gaburick, these people who are supposedly creative behind it, if they don’t watch their step very wisely, I will delete their asses next.”

On what TNA must do to succeed: “They have to find some sort of identity. They have had an identity issue, I think, for a long, long time because now professional wrestling has been engulfed under [Vince] McMahon’s show and McMahon is above and beyond everything else and anything else that seems so similar to McMahon’s show is going to end up coming off like a second rate copy. And I think it’s very important and very vital for Impact Wrestling to find their way, find their own identity. And my broken universe is something different that has never been seen anywhere else before. I can tell you this: my broken universe, Mr. McMahon, would be terrified of it. He would be afraid to let me go there. He wouldn’t let me shoot the fireworks on his show or he wouldn’t let me burn up my brother, Nero. But it is time to go to a different place, a different time, and that is what Impact Wrestling must do to succeed. That is the only way TNA can truly grow, is to find it’s own identity.”