10 Thoughts on CWC Episode 5 – Kota Ibushi, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander

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1. It’s the first episode of the second round and things are heating up at the Cruiserweight Classic!

2. The first round was awesome, wrapped up in a great video package. Tonight Gran Metalik takes on Tajiri and Kota Ibushi faces Cedric Alexander in a pair of matches that promise big things.

3. First up Gran Metalik from Mexico is facing the veteran Tajiri from Japan, and can the 46 year old keep up with the young luchador?

4. Yes, it seems he can. Nice fast-paced chain wrestling to start into some submissions and counters, and Tajiri can still go in the ring. Metalik sells like a pro as Tajiri wears him down, using his experience to counter Metalik’s speed. Rope walk plancha to the outside turns the tables for Metalik, but once again Tajiri comes back with heart.

5. Tajiri locks on a nasty submission but Metalik eventually kicks his way out and hits the Metalik Driver for the pin and the victory. Excellent match, and if Rhyno is back in WWE then there is no reason Tajiri can’t join him.

6. Next up it’s America’s own Cedric Alexander taking on the Golden Star Kota Ibushi, and it looks like we’re down from four matches to two per week. If they’re up to this standard, I have no problem with that.

7. Watching the CWC makes me long for more quality wrestling without storylines, where it’s okay for two competitors to just take each other on in the ring without having some convoluted and ridiculous back story.

8. And talking about a quality match, Alexander and Ibushi put on a great performance, with Cedric keeping pace with the Japanese superstar and wearing him down with submissions. Until Ibushi almost decapitates him with a kick, of course…

9. Great storytelling, some amazing moves and a bunch of near falls make this a match worth tracking down, and even though Alexander didn’t advance to the next round I would be shocked if we didn’t see him in NXT in the near future.

10. Another excellent episode of CWC and giving the matches more time to breathe is definitely a good idea. Once again, if you’re a fan of wrestling (as opposed to sports entertainment) you should definitely be watching the CWC.

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