Big USADA Update / UFC 200 Fallout! Jon “Bones” Jones Doping News, Dana White Reaction & Impact On Brock Lesnar For WWE’s Summerslam 2016?

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Jon “Bones” Jones tested positive for estrogen blockers clomiphene and letrozole on June 16 ahead of his title fight with fellow light heavyweight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200. He was pulled from UFC 200 as a result.

Brock Lesnar tested positive for estrogen blocker clomiphene around the time of his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt despite reportedly passing several other drug tests in a short period of time before the bout. Unlike Jones, Lesnar’s June 28 failed test didn’t materialize until after the July 9 UFC 200 PPV.

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Both are under investigation by the United Stated Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and face up to a 2 year suspension from mixed martial arts as a result.

The reason these drugs are flagged is because they are known to be drugs athletes use to mask steroid use particularly as they ween off of them.

UFC President Dan White

The latest news comes from both UFC President Dana White and Jon “Bones” Jones. White had this to say on Jones with emphasis added to a key part:

      Well, it’s coming back now that it looks like he did not take the supplement that everybody thought he took. We’ll see how this thing plays out.

      I don’t even know if this is public. I didn’t know if I can talk about it,” White said. “Normally, I talk about anything, but when it comes to medical stuff, you can’t do it. It’s looking like Jon Jones did not take the drug everybody thought he took. It looks like it’s something else.

      I’ll let this thing play out and if that’s true and that’s what USADA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission say happened, it could look good for Jon Jones.

      He definitely didn’t get a bum wrap, but the substance that he was on, it was a pill that you take when you’re coming off of steroids. But this thing is apparently in other things. Jon took something else.

      Where he doesn’t come off clean is you have to tell USADA everything that you put in your body leading up to the fight and he did not.

Does the fact these drugs can present themselves in other products not only help Jones, but Brock Lesnar as well?

Brock Lesnar and Jon Bones Jones UFC

Jon “Bones” Jones posted the following message on his Instagram which has been subsequently removed:

      I’m sure you guys are curious about what’s going on with this USADA situation,” Jones said. “Obviously, I can’t get into it because it’s still pending, but what I can say is that we have found out lots of really good news and I am expecting to be back in the Octagon really soon.

No comment yet from Brock Lesnar on the Jones development, White commentary and potential impact on his USADA investigation.

While Jon “Bones” Jones has no expected competition in any ring on the horizon, Brock Lesnar faces Randy Orton for WWE in their SummerSlam PPV this Sunday. In case you were wondering, the WWE’s wellness policy, including penalties and support for banned substance use, does not apply to part-time performers like Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton SummerSlam 2016

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