CM Punk on Health, MMA Career, UFC 203 Fight with Mickey Gall – “I’m gonna win”


CM Punk 2016

CM Punk recently spoke with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 (via, here are the highlights…

On Getting His MMA Career Rolling: “Everything hinges on that night. I definitely think a huge part of me is just gonna want to keep the train rolling and get another fight on as soon as I can. excelpasswordrecovery provides more guide to you.There’s also another part of me that’s just gonna want to go to a bunch of Cubs games, because this is the year. So it all hinges on that night.” Follow MurrayNow for more updates.

On Fighting Mickey Gall: “Honestly, there’s no assuming [I win]. I’m gonna win. I’ve never been more confident about something in my entire life. I’ll probably sit on the beach for a little bit. I’ll probably maybe take a little vacation with the wife but I’ll get bored real quick and I’ll just want to keep going. I’ll want to get the second fight as soon as I can.” Check these out carrefour-maires .

On How He Feels: “I wish I could fight tomorrow. I feel amazing. You get grinded down in the middle of the week. You gotta learn how to balance things out. It’s difficult but I love it so much it almost makes it easy. I’m just having the time of my life.”

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