Charlotte on working with Ric Flair, Evolving Her Character, Ric’s Reaction to Her Turn – “He was just so proud of me”




Charlotte spoke with ESPN for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On evolving her character: “When I was a baby face it was like, ‘How do I pretend just to be me?’ Because I’m kind of goofy, so just walking out there, the more nervous I get, I go into that dominant, can’t-be-touched, superior mode. That’s like me just covering up being nervous.”

On her heel turn: “It really gave me an opportunity to have some personality. For me, being a heel comes more natural because Charlotte’s character was created upon being genetically superior, which is hard to tell people as a baby face and come across endearing.”

On working with her dad: “Professionally it was hard because in my mind I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m walking through the curtain with Ric Flair.’ Not, ‘Hey my dad is walking beside me.’ And No. 2, I want to be booed but my dad is cheered. Am I ever going to be taken serious with him beside me?…I looked at it as like, ‘No, these people are going to pay attention to me no matter if he’s beside me or not.’ Because I know that I’m capable of being great one day. So I looked at it as, ‘OK, he’s beside me. You have to get their attention on your own.’”

On Flair’s reaction to her “firing” him on Raw: “He was looking up at me with tears of joy. He was just so proud of me, that I was owning the moment.”

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