Drew Galloway On Being EVOLVE World Champion – “I had the opportunity to be the first traveling champion since Ric Flair”



Drew Galloway recently spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine, here are the highlights…

On Insane Championship Wrestling: Insane Championship Wrestling is my home company. I came back to win the title, I wanted eyes on the product, wanted the guys to raise their game. They’ve all came to me since then and said ‘when we saw you come back, and we saw the things you’ve done, and we saw how motivated you were when you came back, we all started raising our game.’ That was a huge compliment to me.

On Going The Extra Mile: That’s just the kind of wrestler, and champion, that I want to be. I want to give it my all, and if I’m lucky enough to be a representative of a company as the champion, then I see it as my responsibility to raise the profile of the company. And hopefully, you know, inspire everyone around me to raise their game. When I won the Evolve belt, it was my goal to put the company on the map and put eyes on guys like Ricochet that I didn’t think were getting enough buzz around the world, even though people were talking.

On Being a Travelling World Champion: I went around the world defending the EVOLVE title and getting people talking about the company. And with the TNA world title, I saw the opportunity. Like, what could I do to be different? I travelled the world all the time, and I defended the titles before — the ICW and Evolve titles — in this way. When I had the world title, I had the opportunity to be the first traveling champion since Ric Flair. That was the goal that I had in my head for a year at that point.