SDCC 2016 – Visionaries Mighty Mugg Review

Welcome back, Primates! Kaye here to do a review on a few of the SDCC 2016 HasbroToyShop exclusives! All the SDCC exclusives are now available at!

Fine Print: Although subject to change, we are planning on having the Convention Exclusives available to order on Tuesday, August 9th. The product will be located in the EXCLUSIVES category. No phone orders will be accepted. All Convention Exclusives are excluded from any promotions and discounts.

Now that we got that out of the way, onto exclusives!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Visonaries: Knight of the Magical Light Might Muggs SDCC 2016 exclusive. Here’s the official product description:

Visonaries: Knight of the Magical Light Might Muggs
(Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available at on August 9)
The Visionaries are back as mighty Leoric, leader of the Spectral Knights takes charge as a Mighty Mugg. Take a good look at the holographic lion adorning Leoric’s chestplate and add a Knight of the Magical Light to your collection today!

The Primus (Good): We have a nice throwback piece similar to the Micronauts set. This is a very random fan favorite figure in Leoric:

Leader of the Spectral Knights and prince of New Valarak. The first issue of the comic identifies him as originally being the mayor of that city during the Age of Science. He possesses the totem of the Lion and his Power Staff bestows the Power of Wisdom (in opposition to Darkstorm’s power of Decay which corrupts both mind and body). He is the only Spectral Knight to have facial hair (a moustache) and his main adversary is most definitely Darkstorm

His totem was a Lion and he was voiced by Neil Ross. Neat.

I just did a quick Google search and found out the comic, toy line, and cartoon were very short lived. However, those 13 episodes were in my childhood cartoon rotation. I somehow remember them and I’m betting others do too.

This is another set that will tie in with the Hasbro combined continuity and a potential movie. Go Hasbro for building up your old properties.

The Unicron (Bad): Who? Ok, to be fair, I do remember these guys, but vaguely. I remember the gimmick and I remember the toys, but this is another property that will need some TLC for millennials to get behind.

The Quintesson (Verdict): Buy it because you’re cheap. How often can you get a convention exclusive toy for $24.99?

‘Till next time, Primates!

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