SDCC 2016 – Micronauts Classic Collection Set Review

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Welcome back, Primates! Kaye here to do a review on a few of the SDCC 2016 HasbroToyShop exclusives! All the SDCC exclusives are now available at!

Fine Print: Although subject to change, we are planning on having the Convention Exclusives available to order on Tuesday, August 9th. The product will be located in the EXCLUSIVES category. No phone orders will be accepted. All Convention Exclusives are excluded from any promotions and discounts.

Now that we got that out of the way, onto exclusives!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Micronauts Classic Collection Set SDCC 2016 exclusive. Here’s the official product description:

(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available at on August 9)
Explore the wonders of Microspace! The MICRONAUTS CLASSIC COLLECTION Set is a vintage homage to the classic science fiction action figures originally sold between 1976 and 1980. Takara produced the original toys upon which Micronauts was based and were able to retrieve some of their original tools to help in the creation of this tribute set. Veteran paint artist Ken Kelly, who created some of the most memorable packaging art for the original MICRONAUTS toys, designed the bold artwork for this set. Featuring countless points of articulation and interchangeable parts, this limited-edition set contains classic freedom fighters including GALACTIC WARRIOR and PHAROID along with ORBITAL DEFENDER for an out-of-this-world playtime experience. Adding to the excitement, IDW will be producing a convention-only alternate cover to their MICRONAUTS comic utilizing the new product artwork from Ken Kelly.

The Primus (Good): I think it’s amazing the feat that Hasbro accomplished putting this set together. This was a little before my time (7/25/1981 – wish me a happy birthday!), but I can appreciate digging out old molds, recreating old characters, and even getting the original artist to recreate the box art. This is definitely a fan oriented project.

The set starts building the path toward the Hasbro combined continuity starting in the IDW comics and leading to a movie with G.I. Joe and Transformers. It’s a nice “jumping on point” for new fans who are only recently being introduced to the Micronaut lore.

I also love it since Micronauts originated from the Takara Microman series, which portions of became G1 Transformers.

The Unicron (Bad): Who? I have to admit that I had no real clue who the Micronauts were. I have to believe that, as an avid toy collector, others had no clue either. I think this side of the new combined continuity equation will take more work to educate the masses on. This is a starting point at SDCC with the classic figure redo and the comic from IDW.

The Quintesson (Verdict): Buy it to be hipster and cool before it’s cool again. If this thing takes off, then you don’t want to be the guy who says, “Man, I wish I would have gotten that before the scalpers gobbled them up and posted them on eBay AFA graded for $1,000 each.” This is a cool piece of nostalgia to add to your Kollection. Enjoy!

‘Till next time, Primates!

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