Star Trek Discovery TV Spoilers: New Star Trek TV Series To Be Very Different! 15 Things We Now Know About Show!

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Star Trek: Discover showrunner Bryan Fuller has some interesting teases about the January 2017 debuting TV series at the recent Star Trek Discovery Television Critics Association (TCA) panel:

  • It’s set 10 years before [James T.] Kirk, and will bridge the gap between Enterprise and the original series.
  • We’re most closer to Kirk’s mission and get to play with that iconography.
  • [Lead character isn’t a Captain, but a female character that is a] lieutenant commander with caveats.
  • We haven’t cast her yet and we don’t know what level of diversity, she will be. The story that’s fascinating for me is that we’ve seen six series from captain’s point of view and to see one from another point of view gives us a richer context. She’ll be a sensitive hero.
  • Overall, there about seven lead characters.
  • Opening scene isn’t on a planet or Earth.
  • One of the alien characters is named Saru.
  • It’s about who’s the best actor, what can we say about diversity in every role. We’ll have more aliens than you have on a Star Trek cast.
  • There will be robots.
  • Absolutely, we’re having a gay character.
  • [The writers] …talk about Kobayashi Maru scenarios that star fleet officers might face.
  • The Discovery’s look is inspired by the Ralph McQuarrie illustrations from an abandoned 1970s Star Trek movie Planet of the Titans.
  • We will have episodes that stand alone, but are also part of a bigger story.
  • [On the topic of sex] …There’s a reason why we call it ‘STD’.
  • It’s still Star Trek and we’re not subject to broadcast standards and practices. Hannibal was, and we got away with murder. There will be slightly more graphic content.

This is looking promising!

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