Marvel Comics’ Civil War II Mini-Series Delayed, But Expands To 8 Issues! Marvel Now 2016 Still Starting On Time?

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Marvel Comics Civil War II writer Brian Michael Bendis has revealed a few todbits about the chronically delayed marquee mini-series from the House of Ideas.

On his Tumblr page he was asked the following:

      Civil War II #5 was due out in August but is now 14th September – Why? Is this event going to be another delay hell, like ‘Secret Wars’ was?

Writer Brian Michael Bendis responded with some interesting reveals (using poor punctuation 😉 ):

      well, if you peak over at @davidmarquez Facebook you’ll discover that he and his amazing wife tara just had a kick ass baby boy. a very cute baby too. and not all babies are cute at the start 🙂

      not a delay hell, or a conspiracy, just a new baby in the middle of the hardest issue to draw. the ending of four shows that five is a monster.

      david has been handing in about a page a day for the last couple of weeks so we’re getting back on track.

      so much so that marvel greenlit an 8th issue for us. i came up with a better ending but needed the pages. very grateful that they let us do our thing.

      so a little late and you get a little more. here’s a sneak…

      Civil War II BNB announcement

Like last year, it looks like Marvel’s post event rebranding / relaunch of series will occur before the end of the mini-series. Marvel Now 2016 will begin before Civil War II ends.

New Marvel Now 2016 Divided We Stand Puzzle

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Source: Brian Michael Bendis Tumblr