WWE Summerslam 2016 Starts Off With A BOOM! WWE Then Now Forever Headlined By Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns! Possible WWE Raw & Smackdown Live Spoilers?

With Summerslam 2016 upon us, former Shield members have prominent spots on the PPV:

  • Raw’s Seth Rollins takes on Finn Balor and his Demon King alter ego for the forst ever WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship;
  • 20160815_SSlam_MATCH_BalorRollins--2dac2d40b47a0d6841c148c96767a346

    • Smackdown Live’s Dean Ambrose defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler; and
    • 20160801_SSlam_MATCH_AmbroseZiggler--9fb8a0a6c738812c6a697b3c8004b9d4

    • Raw’s Roman Reigns challenges the Bulgarian Brute Rusev for his U.S. Championship.
    • 20160805_SSlam_MATCH_RusevReigns--058048706d434a31221559a319a598eb

      WWE Then Now Forever Spoilers follow.

      Boom Studios’ November 2016 solicitations reveal their WWE Then Now Forever #1 one-shot featuring these 3 former Shield members including 3 variant covers starring all 3 WWE superstars.

      WWE Then Now Forever #1 Variant Cover The SHIELD 4 banner Seth Rollins Deam Ambrose Roman Reigns Raw Smackdown Live Superstars

      Will Boom get the scoop on WWE Raw and/or WWE Smackdown Live plotlines so future works can be coordinated? Spoilers for the 2 shows? Hmmm.

      Anyhow, the interlocking covers together are above. The separate covers are below along with the solicitation for the WWE Then Now Forever #1.

      The solicitation:

          WWE: THEN. NOW. FOREVER. #1

          Retail Price: $3.99

          Writer: Dennis Hopeless
          Artists: Dan Mora, Daniel Bayliss
          Cover Artists:  
          Main Cover A: Dan Mora
          Intermix Cover B: Eric Powell
          Main Cover C: Dan Mora
          Intermix Cover D: Juan Doe
          Main Cover E: Dan Mora
          Intermix Cover F: Matías Bergara
          Forever Incentive G: Frazer Irving

          Building off the buzz from the partnership announcement prior to San Diego Comic-Con 2016, WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1 delivers authentic Sports Entertainment featuring WWE Superstars to comic readers!
          This oversized issue contains the WWE SDCC 2016 one-page comics along with a wealth of new content, celebrating the versatility and diversity of WWE throughout its various eras.

          Includes the 20-page story “The Breaking of the Shield,” where Seth Rollins chose to betray his brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at the behest of Triple H and the Authority.

      The 3 Shield covers:

      WWE Then Now Forever #1 Variant Cover The SHIELD 1 Dean Ambrose

      WWE Then Now Forever #1 Variant Cover The SHIELD 2 Roman Reigns

      WWE Then Now Forever #1 Variant Cover The SHIELD 3 Seth Rollins

      Curious about how this WWE and BOOM Studios collaboration will work out. Well, this WWE Then Now Forever one-shot details was coordinated with Summerslam 2016 weekend after all. So, it’s starting off well at least.

      WWE Then Now Forever #1 Variant Cover The SHIELD 4 banner with BOOM logo

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