WWE Raw Spoilers & Summerslam 2016 Fallout: WWE Confirms Finn Balor Injured & Relinquishes WWE Universal Championship! Can Seth Rollins Work Safely After Injuries To John Cena, Sting & Now This? [UPDATE]


WWE Raw’s Mick Foley announced on his official twitter account that Finn Balor relinquished his newly won WWE Universal Championship due to injury. The timeframe for Balor’s return has not been confirmed, but several sources are reporting up to 6 months. WWE has also updated their original story on WWE.com noting the forfeiture of the title happened due to injury at the hands of Seth Rollins.

More to come on this developing story.



WWE has now confirmed earlier reports that Finn Balor, aka the Demon King, was injured by Seth Rollins during their Summerslam match over Raw’s “inverted” WWE Universal Championship belt.

Balor reportedly dislocated his shoulder during the match after Seth Rollins powerbombed him into the barricades. Balor was able to pop the shoulder back in quickly, continue the match, and win the championship. However, after the match an MRI seems to reveal a possible labrum tear.

A surgical consult will occur this week and if surgery is needed Balor could be out for four to six months.

More to come during WWE Raw tonight and possibly later this week after the surgical consult. Wonder what this means for the teased formation of the Balor Club?

Here’s hoping Finn Balor isn’t seriously injured.

While Seth Rollins is a great performer, this is possibly the third big injury he inflicted to a competitor following Sting and John Cena. Can Rollins work safely or is it always the other performer’s fault? I don’t mean to be provactive, but it’s one or the other scenario, isn’t it?

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Source: WWE.com