WWE Smackdown Live Spoilers & Summerslam 2016 Fallout: Who’s Next For Dean Ambrose’s WWE World Championship Belt? Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan Talk Finn Balor & Universal Title?

Smackdown Live Spoilers and Summerslam 2016 Fallout follow.

Dean Ambrose retained his WWE World Championship over the challenge of Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam 2016.

The 5-point WWE preview of Smackdown Live 2016 tease two big things that I have highlighted below:

  • How will SmackDown Live rebound from Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam onslaught?
  • Who is coming after Dean Ambrose’s WWE World Title?
  • AJ Styles addresses WWE Universe as fans wonder whether Cena has given up
  • Will Nikki Bella take over?
  • The Usos just put American Alpha and the Tag Team division on notice

The full preview is here.

Smart money is on AJ Styles challenging Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Championship; they’ve already reportedly began sparring at house shows. Word is that John Cena may be taking time off from WWE again, but we’ll know more tonight.

Backlash 2016 Smackdown WWE World Championship A.J. Styles vs Dean Ambrose

Considering how similar looking to Smackdown Live’s original WWE World Championship belt is…

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt Strap current white

…to Raw’s new “inverted” WWE Universal Championship belt…

WWE Raw WWE Universal Championship Belt red 0

…I was expecting some mocking comments by Shane McMahon and/or Daniel Bryan, as Smackdown Live’s authority figures on the look of Raw’s “copycat” strap. They did do that before Summerslam 2016 afterall.

However since Finn Balor has had to relinquish the WWE Universal championship and undergo surgery today with a new champ crown on next Monday’s Raw (full sordid chronology here), I’m not sure we’ll see that. In fact Daniel Bryan had some touching words about Finn Balor on twitter.

Should be an exciting Smackdown Live tonight with its own Smackdown 2016 fallout!

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