WWE NXT 8/24/16 Recap (Authors of Pain vs. TM61)

A Takeover Brooklyn: II highlight reel starts us off. Tye Dillinger comes out in his ridiculous ’50s sci-fi movie cape to face Wesley Blake and his new, relaxing theme song. The Authors of Pain also face TM61…joy! Tye outwrestles Blake a bit, but turns his back and gets kneed into the buckle for an ad break. Tye gets a small package for 2. A backstabber by Blake gets 2. Tye avoids a swanton and hiptosses Blake into the buckle before the crowd chants “10” and he throws him into the buckle and stomps a mudhole into him. Tye Russian legsweeps him and stomps his face before hitting the Tye Breaker to win.


Roode-Almas video package leads to Roode talking about needing to leave so he can take dinner dates with Fortune 500 companies. The Aries-Itami stuff from Takeover is recapped, before a lengthy Asuka vs. Bayley recap video. It’s set to video of Bayley talking about how her dream is to be in WWE and just see one sign and then tearing up when she realizes she’s done it. After the match, Bayley talks about feeling like she had a home court advantage, but it didn’t happen. Ember Moon tells her to be proud that she stood toe to toe with Asuka, and she wants to be like Bayley.


Revival vs. Ciampa/Gargano recap video features Corey putting over how great each team was. Revival cuts a post-match promo where Dawson says they should bring guys from the main roster to face them – because they’ve beaten everyone here and are the best in the world. Joe vs. Nakamura video leads to an announcement that Nakamura will be interviewed next week. Joe responded on Twitter saying that his jaw was dislocated and he’ll be back soon.


Authors of Pain vs. TM61 starts with double-teaming before the bell and the faces avoiding a double heel sandwich. They send The Big One out on the floor along with The Big One before diving onto them. The bell rings and The Tattooed One dominates, but Thorne tags in and hits a running calf kick in the corner. He gets posted via the ring apron, but Miller tags in and lands a big basement forearm smash. A crossbody off the top gets 2 before the faces hit quick strikes to everyone before a high/low on The Big One gets 2.5. The Big One is Razar and his spinebuster gets 2. Akom is The Tattooed One and they land the sandwhich powerbomb before taking Miller out with the Russian legsweep/lariat combo to win. Pretty nothing episode of the show, but at least the Authors of Pain have names and TM61 has different-colored gear so you can kind of tell them apart easier now.


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