WWE Cruiserweight Classic 8/24/16 Recap (Gargano vs. Perkins, Gulak vs. ZSJ)

A quick rundown of the CWC so far starts things off. Tonight’s card is run down while Daniel and Mauro talk about Swann vs. Dorado opening the show. We see each man look impressive in their round one matches, and then Swann comes out followed by Dorado. Swann starts with a running rana, but Lince flips out of it. Rich wants to dance, but Lince says – until he does the Alex Wright dance! Swann dropkicks him, dances, and then eats a kick before taking a springboard dive on the floor!


Rich hits a neckbreaker and dances during a standing armbar before tying him up in a pretzel on his knee. Dorado gets 2 off a wacky lucha cradle. They each pump kick each other at the same time for a double-down. They punch back and forth off their knees before a Frye-Takayama exchange. Dorado gets 2 off a crossbody off the top. Swann gets 2 off a DDT, and 2 off a standing 450. Swann hits a pair of kicks, but eats a reverse rana for 2.5. SSP from Dorado misses, but a Swann Phoenix splash doesn’t and gets the win!


Recap of the Revival vs. Gargano/Ciampa tag title match to set up the knee damage. Gargano says he’ll give it his all tonight to get one step closer to winning the CWC. ZSJ says he was a fan of Jericho and Eddie Guerrero growing up and we see his technical mastery in highlights. ZSJ comes out to face Drew Gulak. Bryan talks about being a master of the omaplata, but ZSJ has surpassed him.

Drew refuses a handshake and slaps the hand before taking him down and slapping away. ZSJ grinds away with various armbars before Gulak turns things around on ZSJ just using leverage. Gulak attacks the stomach with a headbutt ala Finlay to regain control. A ground abdominal stretch by Gulak leads to ZSJ wanting more and then getting a slap. ZSJ gets a Fujiawara armbar, but is locked into a sick Gory special! He does a bow and arrow during it and turns it into a cradle and then a Boston crab that ZSJ turns into a cradle for 2. Outstanding!


ZSJ gets an Octopus hold on, before Drew turns it into an ankle lock and then ZJ gets a headlock before being back suplexed. ZSJ locks on the Kimura with the bodylock before moving to the Jim Breaks Special, but Drew slams him! ZSJ ducks an elbow and hits a PK, with Mauro hyping up Shibata as the master of it. ZSJ avoids a boot, locks on the bridge and gets 2! They exchange slaps before they turn into palm strikes before Drew gets 2 off a sunset flip, but ZSJ’s bridging cradle is locked on and gets the win! This was an incredible match that made each man look like they belonged on the main roster.


TJP’s highlights so far are shown off, and then we see clips of Ciampa vs. Gargano from round 1. Johnny comes down with his left knee wrapped up before TJ comes out and we see more highlights. Technical matwork between them gets dueling 2 counts and a variety of monkey flips. TJP locks on a Muta lock, but Johnny gets to the rope. TJP wraps himself up in the ropes, and eats a dropkick and then a suicide dive. Johnny chops him on the floor and locks on a mid-ring surfboard.

TJP locks on Billy goat’s curse and then a pendulum swing. Johnny gets cradled for 2. TJP gets a headscissor choke, but eats a Kalisto kick. Johnny hits the outside-in spear and a chop in the corner. TJP hits a high kick and a powerbomb gets 2.  Johnny hits an apron superkick and a running flip dive to the floor. They fight on their knees and get into a back and forth punch exchange, which TJP win and hits a triangle dropkick from a 619 position. TJP throws him into the buckle, but Johnny’s knee buckles. Johnny blocks a la magistral and gets 2.

TJP’s jumping neckbreaker gives him a brief edge, but he eats a flapjack on the buckle. Johnny hits a lawn dart and gets 2. He’s shocked and goes from the rope to the corner perplexed. TJP eats a high kick, and then a superkick. He avoids a victory roll and locks on a kneebar and gets the win. This was a lot of fun – but the ZSJ match was the best of the night.


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