WWE Raw Spoilers & Summerslam 2016 Fallout: Finn Balor Post Surgery Status Day 1 Update

WWE Raw Spoilers and Smackdown 2016 fallout.

Finn Balor has had a busy few days from last Sunday’s Summerslam 2016:

  • He won the WWE Universal Championship on Sunday.
  • Relinquished the title at WWE Raw on Monday.
  • Had successful surgery on Tuesday.
  • Sent his first post-surgery message to fans Bullet Club style on Wednesday.

The full sordid saga is chronicled here. Plus WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s much anticipated comments on Finn Balor’s injury, in light of Hart’s earlier comments on Seth Rollins, dropped on fandom.

All that said, in typical Finn Balor fashion, in contrast to Demon King fashion, Finn seems to be keeping his spirits up and ready for the road ahead that puts his return date, assuming no complications, at around Royal Rumble 2017 or 2017’s Wrestlemania 33.

Finn Balor sent a message on Thursday to fans after surgery showing his post-surgery scar with a simple message…

Finn Balor post surgery Day 1

… “Day 1”.

Here’s hoping each day after this 1 gets Balor on the road to a speedy recovery.

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