Impact Review August 25th 2016 – (EC3 Vs Galloway, Allie falls to victory and TURNING the tables)

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Impact wrestling this week revolved around a battle royal, for a shot at the world title and EC3 Vs Drew Galloway, with Aron Rex as referee. The winner of the match being set to move onto a match with the world champion, at Bound for Glory. This was again, a solid episode of Impact. I wouldn’t say it was above average, however, the whole episode pretty much revolved around the main event. Impact and its storylines are progressing nicely towards Bound for Glory.

For starters, not only did Galloway and EC3 produce a thoroughly entertaining match, the ending set up another potentially fantastic future match up. With Galloway losing, he was not happy. He proceeded to viscously attack Rex, who had not done anything to provoke Galloway. I’ve been unable to fully keep up with Galloway in other promotions, such as Evolve and ICW. However, from what I have seen, when given the chance to perform as a villain, he has been fantastic. So I am fully excited to see Galloway performing as the villain in TNA. Lashley has set the bar high, along with the likes of Matt Hardy, Decay and Eli Drake as playing the bad guys in TNA as of late. However, I have confidence that Galloway could act as a top villain on the Impact roster. Rex provides an excellent first feud for Galloway; both guys have the intensity to really provide a heated feud. The only worry is who comes out as the loser in this feud; Rex is his first feud in TNA, or Galloway in his first feud playing the bad guy.

EC3 moves on to the main event of Bound for Glory. This seems like the right choice; EC3 has been on a ‘road to redemption’ ever since his double turn match with Matt Hardy. Which seems like an eternity ago, yet it was this year. I’d say that is a testament to the amount of quality storytelling TNA has produced this year. There has been so much quality storylines and exhilarating matches since the beginning of 2016. EC3 has been since he arrived and will continue to be, a top part of TNA, hopefully for years to come.

Ethan could be facing one of two different guys come Bound for Glory. The current champion, ‘The Destroyer’ Lashley or ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett. Both have put on fantastic matches with EC3 in the past. However, it does seem as though the direction will be to go with Lashley. We will know for sure next week, when the match takes places, however, it seems to make more sense to have Lashley win. We’ve seen Bennett Vs EC3 fairly recently, plus Bennett seems to have a feud with Moose potentially coming up.

Further seeds were planted this week for an eventual Mike Bennett Vs Moose match. My money would be that we will see that match at BFG. That match would seem a natural progression for both of these characters. Both Bennett and Moose are rising stars on the Impact roster, both potential future world champions in TNA. I’d be fairly interested in those two going toe to toe at BFG. The feud is a simple one; Bennett has been using Moose for his own gain. Moose isn’t too interested in Bennett’s villainous antics and portrays far more characteristics of a fan favourite. Moose has begun to realise how Bennett has been treating him. It’s only a matter of time before Moose finally gives Bennett what he deserves.

Finally, let’s talk about the knockouts. I suppose there are positives and negatives to take from the knockouts this week. Sienna’s reign has been fairly forgettable in the long run. Nonetheless, she is very talented and given the right storylines and opponents, could have a much better run. Allie’s character is incredibly entertaining and seeing Allie win the title was a cool moment. I’m not sure where they are going with this; tensions have been growing between Maria and Allie for weeks. Possibly Maria will not be best pleased with Allie winning the title. No matter what, I think it’s important for Allie to transition, even if done slowly, into showing her full in ring talents soon. I wasn’t expecting this turn of events, but I am also not complaining about Impact throwing a spanner in the works. Unpredictability is fantastic, when used properly, in wrestling. I doubt that Allie’s reign lasts long, unless the Cherry Bomb in her starts coming out sooner rather than later.

As I said, Impact was solid this week, nothing special however. Having said that, they have set the bar high and staying in the vicinity of that bar for as long as they have is an achievement for TNA. As we go to move into September, the road towards Bound for Glory will begin to head up. We’ve got some really interesting potential matches for that event and it’s sure to attract eyeballs. Hopefully TNA have plans for after BFG, as I’m sure that event will be a success. Capitalising on that possible success is the key, though, which I really hope TNA can do.

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